HFES Policy Statements


The field of human factors/ergonomics (HF/E) generates and applies knowledge of human characteristics for the design of safer, more effective, and more efficient systems.

The mission of HFES is to promote these goals, and foremost among its activities is its support of communication within and beyond the field via journals, newsletters and Web sites, technical groups, press releases, and other customary vehicles.

For most of its history, the field's impact on design was achieved primarily through either the direct participation of HF/E professionals in the design process or the management thereof. In recent years, however, HF/E professionals and HFES have become more active at the public policy level, recognizing that decisions in that arena have a wide-ranging impact on everything from the nation's investment in HF/E research to the practices adopted by entire industries.

HFES now partners with Lewis-Burke Associates LLC to aid in promoting the importance of HF/E science among federal agencies and legislators.

Lewis-Burke has developed a Guide to Federal Outreach & Advocacy for use by HFES members. It includes instructions on how to identify your member of Congress, methods for interacting with policy makers, and procedures for developing an effective message, among other topics.

For information on social science programs available across the federal government, please refer to Lewis-Burke's Overview of Federal Funding Opportunities for Behavioral and Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

To illustrate topics of the sort you are likely to see posted here in the future, a list of announcements relating to public policy, as well as a list of HFES Bulletin titles published since 2012, are provided below.