Contributing, Supporting, and Sustaining Membership

During the membership application or renewal process, individual members have the opportunity to support HFES above the level of Regular membership through Contributing, Supporting, or Sustaining Membership.

  • At the Contributing level, members increase their regular dues remittance by 50%.  (Ex., a regular membership payment of $260 + $130.)  This upgraded membership category allows members to contribute additional funding to help HFES advance its mission. Contributing members receive the standard membership benefits plus recognition on the website and in the program book at the annual meeting. 
  • At the Supporting level, members increase their regular dues remittance by 100%. (Ex., a regular membership payment of $260 + $260.)  The Supporting membership category further indicates one's support of HFES and its annual programmatic activities.  Supporting members receive all of the benefits of Contributing members.  They receive additional recognition with Supporting Member ribbons at the annual meeting and are additionally recognized in the newsletter of the Society, the Bulletin.
  • Those who wish to support HFES at the highest levels are encouraged to consider Sustaining Membership.  This important membership level offers our members contribution levels beginning at $1,000.  Our Sustaining members are recognized in print and at the annual meeting. They receive a special invitation to a reception at the annual meeting and are publicly thanked for their special support in other manners.

Donations to HFES are tax-deductible as charitable contributions and your support makes it possible for the Society to expand its outreach, support student travel, and aid us in the development and implementation of programs to support the members and the discipline.  Contact your tax advisor for more information concerning questions related to deductibility.

Questions? Contact Member Services at or call (202) 367-1114.

As of April 4, 2024

Supporting Members:

  • Linda Angell
  • George Anton
  • Sylvain Bruni
  • Mark Garibaldi
  • Anand Gramopadhye
  • Paul Green
  • David Hedges
  • Waldemar Karwowski
  • Michael Maddox
  • Emily Patterson
  • Mark Scerbo
  • Carolyn Sommerich
  • Molly Story
  • Susan Tingley