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Journals and Publications

Your membership includes access to more than 20,000 articles and abstracts from archived and current issues of leading peer-reviewed journals, the Reviews volumes, and meeting proceedings:

  • Free online access to four Society peer-reviewed journals.
  • Special member prices on books, standards and best practices, and videos.
  • HFES members receive a 25% discount off the $1,750 open access publication fee to Human Factors in Healthcare.

Discounts on Conference Registration

Take advantage of discounted pricing to attend HFES educational activities designed to expand your knowledge and grow your professional network within the HF/E community including:

  • International Annual Meeting
  • ErgoX
  • International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care

Human Factors/Ergonomics Advocacy

Through our partnership with Lewis-Burke, HFES communicates the value and contributions of HF/E science and practice in Washington, DC.

On-Demand Access to Education via the HFES Learning Center

An ever growing library of online educational activities across the spectrum of human factors and ergonomics aimed at improving your knowledge and practice.

Option to Submit News about Your Achievements for Publication

Share your important achievements in the bi-weekly Bulletin.  Visit this page for details.     

HFES Career Center

Find your next big career opportunity at top organizations through the HFES Career Center, offering confidential résumé-posting and job-searching functions.

Technical Groups

Share the latest information and ideas and network with other HF/E professionals in your area of interest by joining one of the Society's 26 Technical Groups.


Enjoy complimentary educational opportunities via the Webinar series. HFES Webinars are held on key topical areas and present important research and information in a variety of topics and domains from noted experts.

Local and Student Chapters

Join local colleagues and peers to share the latest HF/E news. Network at meetings and special events while promoting the science of HF/E in your community.