Consultant & Expert Witness Directory

Welcome to the HFES Directory of Human Factors/Ergonomics Consultants.

HFES is pleased to provide this searchable directory of human factors/ergonomics consultants and expert witnesses as a public service. The directory contains listings created by HFES members as well as nonmembers who have paid a fee to promote their services.  Individuals as well as companies are included in the directory.  A company is required to have at least two HFES Full Members as full-time staff.  

Searches for consultants and expert witnesses may be conducted based on:

  • Name of Individual or Company Name
  • Specialty or Expertise Area
  • Geographic Location 

The detailed listing for a consultant contains full contact information and specialties and may also include:

  • Additional Expertise Areas
  • Educational Background
  • Supplemental Background (e.g., Certifications or Honors)
  • Consulting Experience such as List of Past Clients/Projects

Search the Directory or Purchase a Listing

Professionals can purchase a one-year subscription to be included in the directory. The price is $175 for HFES members and $250 for non-members. Please note that you will need to login or create an account to make the purchase.