The 9th ErgoX Symposium will be held immediately before the 67th Annual Meeting of HFES in Washington, DC at the Washington Hilton Hotel. The symposium will take place Monday, Oct. 23, 2023. 

Featuring four educational tracks - Cybersecurity, Exoskeletons, Robotics, and Extended Reality, attendees will:

  • Gain the latest insights on procedures, tools, and approaches for on-the-job safety and wellness from world-class ergonomics and safety experts
  • Network with presenters, practitioners, and researchers
  • Make new strategic connections
  • Find solutions to pressing workplace ergonomics issues
  • Interact with exhibiting companies showcasing their products and services

First held in 2015 and over time formalizing into a user-centered design meeting in 2018, the ErgoX Symposium has demonstrated that a symbiotic approach to improving the design of technology and equipment is possible. With the goal to improve safe and effective technology user adoption, ErgoX offers a virtual and physical space to showcase the latest in technology evolution, research, and application and their intersection with human-system interaction and integration. 


As an annual activity designed to showcase and apply the latest ergonomics science to workplace health, safety, wellness, and injury-prevention issues across a variety of domains and settings, ErgoX aims to address the demand for safe and effective technology development found through multi-disciplinary and cross-market collaboration of cognitive and physical research and their resulting application to end user technology adoption.  


Created to deliver practical, usable, and evidence-based solutions to the challenges faced by ergonomists, risk managers, and health and safety specialists, ErgoX brings together professionals from multiple segments to share their knowledge, experience, and goals.  ErgoX is a practical, solutions-based event that offers unique opportunities for collaboration and guidance.  


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