About HFES

HFES Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

The HFES Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee has established four subcommittees that will create and implement strong action plans to strengthen the society’s impact around its diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic goals. 

Subcommittees and Members' Four Areas

Policy – Oversee DEI Policies and Procedures:

  • Address overall DEI Committee policies, procedures, and new areas of concern, including renaming to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. 
  • Support EC as needed.
  • Reinforcing HFES meeting norms to provide a positive and inclusive environment for all participants.
  • Recognition and support of HFES members in states that are banning DEI in academic institutions.

Subcommittee Members: Leia Stirling, Rich Holden, Jules Trippe, Ashley Mayo, Gwen Malone, and Carisa Harris Adamson

Training- Improve HFES DEI Training Initiative and Create More Cross-Committee Interactions:

  • Collaborate with COAG and other committees to identify, execute and expand the offering of DEI topics for webinars, Seminars, Annual Meetings, etc.
  • Provide additional training and communications regarding Appropriate Conduct or ‘rules of engagement’ for HFES meetings.
  • Develop tools to support DEI in the scholarship and practice of HF/E

Sub Committee Members: Heather C. Lum, Rod Roscoe, Vickie Nguyen, and Karen Che

Publications – Improve HFES DEI Publications Processes:

  • Create a process for HFES publications to consider and include diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the society’s publications, in terms of both the review process and content.

Sub Committee Members: Rashmi Payyanadan, Elaine Choy, Ranjana Mehta (ex-officio DEI committee member), Erin Chiou, and Tony McDonald

Annual Seed Grants Awards:

  • Plan and manage the process to award two annual seed grants to support research and programming that investigates and addresses the intersections of Human Factors/Ergonomics and Anti-Racism/Anti-Bias.
  • Manage previously awarded grantees to ensure compliance with award terms.

Sub Committee Members: Na Du, Shraddha Swaroop, Abby Wooldridge, Gwen Malone, and Carisa Harris Adamson

HFES Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Members 2023-2024

  • Gwen Malone – Chair
  • Carisa Harris Adamson – Co-Chair
  • Abigail Wooldridge
  • Leia Stirling
  • Rich Holden
  • Karen Chen
  • Rod Roscoe
  • Na Du
  • Vickie Nguyen
  • Jules Trippe – COAG representative
  • Heather C. Lum
  • Rashmi Payyanadan
  • Erin Chiou
  • Elaine Choy
  • Ashley Mayo
  • Shraddha Swaroop
  • Tony McDonald
  • Sarah Coppola
  • Chris Reid
  • Carolyn Sommerich – HFES Immediate Past President
  • Susan Kotowski – HFES President
  • S Camille Peres – HFES President-Elect