Titans of HFE Symposium

The Titans of HFE Virtual Symposium is a showcase of some of the premier researchers, practitioners, and academicians in HFES.  On February 13 and 14, 2023, speakers will present on the foundational areas of the science of human factors and ergonomics and will provide their insights into the future of HFE.   This symposium offers three simultaneous, live 90-minute sessions occurring (nine talks per day), allowing attendees to gain a deep appreciation of HFE topics from the leaders who developed them. Each session will include a 30-minute question-and-answer period.  

The Titans Symposium is an ideal opportunity to gain knowledge and insights into important HFE areas such as situation awareness, attention, decision-making, spinal ergonomics, human error, team cognition and interaction, automation, autonomous vehicles, telepresence, patient safety, macro-ergonomics, aging, inclusion, stress, human system interactions, and team effectiveness.  Attendees will hear from influential leaders­–oftentimes the individuals who started and developed the topics discussed.  

Whether you are an early-career professional, student, seasoned researcher, or practitioner, the Titans Symposium will provide the opportunity to learn about the fundamental concepts, recent developments, and future initiatives through the eyes of the experts.

Chair, Kermit G. Davis, University of Cincinnati

Registration Rates

Student Member or Nonmember Complimentary
HFES Member $99
Non-Member $225

The Symposium will feature a series of live 90-minute sessions (nine talks per day) enabling attendees to gain a deep appreciation and insights on important areas of HF/E. Each session includes a 30-minute question and answer period and will be recorded.  Attendees receive complimentary access to all recordings for one year.