Speaker and Poster Author FAQ

Speaker FAQs

Q: Is there a PowerPoint template? Am I required to use it?

A: An optional PowerPoint template for presenters is available.  You are not required to use it, but we urge you to use the template to ensure you include all the required information.

Q: Am I required to submit proceedings?

A: No, but we strongly encourage it; see the Proceedings Paper Template for more guidance

Q: Can I submit an extended abstract instead of a proceedings paper?

A: Yes; an extended abstract must be at least 500 words. You’ll use the same template but remove the top paragraph marked as "abstract" and use the two-column format for the whole thing.

Q: How do I submit my paper to the proceedings?

A: Submit your optional proceedings paper via the submission site. If you do not see a stage entitled "Proceedings Upload" it is because you have yet to submit the previous stage, "Author and Abstract Updates."

Q: When must papers be submitted?

A: Papers must be submitted by February 21st, by 11:59 PM EST. 

Poster FAQs

Q: What are the logistical requirements and guidelines for my Poster?

A: Please refer to the Poster Logistics Document and review the Guidelines for Preparing and Arranging Posters.

Q: Is there an on-site poster printing service?

A: Yes, the Hilton Chicago Hotel is offering a special discount on poster printing services for this symposium. More information can be found here.

Q: When do I present my poster?

A: You will receive your assigned poster time via email, but it will be part of one of two Poster Receptions, either Monday or Tuesday, 4:45 PM – 6:15 PM.


Q: Do all authors need to register for the Symposium?

A: The presenter for any poster or presentation must be registered for the Symposium. Speakers register at the regular conference rate.

Q: Can I register as a student?

A: To receive student pricing, you must be able to provide a valid University ID at registration and be actively enrolled.

Author Tasks

Q: Where can I check the status of my submission?

A: Please log into paper submission system: https://ssl.linklings.net/conferences/HFESHCS/ to see the current status of your submission.

Q: I can’t log into the paper management system!

A: Please use the Forgot Password link on the landing page of the paper submission system (https://ssl.linklings.net/conferences/HFESHCS). If you do not receive an email to update your password, please email education@hfes.org.

Accessibility Resources

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