Local Chapter Revitalization

The HFES Chapter Revitalization Subcommittee is dedicated to revitalizing local chapters that need assistance in re-energizing members. Support mainly takes the form of providing guidelines regarding HFES procedures, sharing information and experience about the logistics of chapter development, and motivating members to participate.

The subcommittee provides support until the chapter in question is firmly reestablished. It also provides input where members of local chapters have concerns around declining chapter activity.

If you are seeking help to revitalize an existing chapter, please contact Chapter Affairs Committee Chair Christy Harper.

Tips for Revitalizing Chapters

  1. Contact Christy Harper to request help from the Chapter Revitalization Committee.
  2. Contact HFES staff for assistance in identifying members in the area where the chapter operates.
  3. Assess interest among those potential members.
  4. If there is sufficient interest, determine a meeting location.
  5. Hold a small networking meeting.
  6. Consult the chapter's bylaws.
  7. Begin the election process.
  8. Learn from the past — find out what went wrong so that you know what pitfalls to avoid. Give sufficient notice to members of future meetings. Increase attendance by, among other things, finding out what topics interest members, allowing time for networking, adding variety to meetings, conducting special events, and holding membership-building contests with prizes to the winner(s).