About HFES

HFES Diversity & Inclusion Committee

HFES DEI committee has established 4 subcommittees that will create and implement strong action plans to strengthen the society’s impact around its diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic goals. 

Policy – oversee DEI policies and procedures:

  • Address overall DEI Committee policies, procedures, and new areas of concern, including renaming to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. 
  • Support EC as needed.
  • Reinforcing HFES meeting norms to provide a positive and inclusive environment for all participants.
  • Recognition and support of HFES members in states that are banning DEI in academic institutions.

Sub Committee Members: Leia Stirling, Rich Holden, Jules Trippe, Ashley Mayo, Abby Wooldridge & Gwen Malone

Training- Improve HFES DEI training initiative and create more cross-committee interactions:

  • Collaborate with COAG and other committees to identify, execute and expand the offering of DEI topics for webinars, Seminars, Annual Meetings, etc.
  • Provide additional training and communications regarding Appropriate Conduct or ‘rules of engagement’ for HFES meetings.
  • Develop tools to support DEI in the scholarship and practice of HF/E

Sub Committee Members: Heather C. Lum, Rod Roscoe, Vickie Nguyen, & Karen Che

Publications – Improve HFES DEI Publications processes:

  • Create a process for HFES publications to consider and include diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the society’s publications, in terms of both the review process and content.

Sub Committee Members: Rashmi Payyanadan, Elaine Choy, Abby Wooldridge & Ranjana Mehta (ex-officio DEI committee member)

Annual Seed Grants Awards:

  • Plan and manage the process to award 2 annual seed grants to support research and programming that investigates and addresses the intersections of Human Factors/Ergonomics and Anti-Racism/Anti-Bias.
  • Manage previously awarded grantees to ensure compliance with award terms.

Sub Committee Members: Na Du, Shraddha Swaroop, Abby Wooldridge & Gwen Malone

HFES Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Members 2022-2023

  • Abigail Wooldridge - Chair
  • Gwen Malone – Co-Chair
  • Leia Stirling
  • Rich Holden
  • Karen Chen
  • Rod Roscoe
  • Na Du
  • Vickie Nguyen
  • Jules Trippe – COAG representative
  • Heather C. Lum
  • Rashmi Payyanadan
  • Elaine Choy
  • Ashley Mayo
  • Shraddha Swaroop
  • Sarah Coppola
  • Chris Reid - HFES Immediate Past President
  • Carolyn Sommerich - HFES President