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Worldwide Systems, Inc.

Joan Q. Factor

Manager, Human Factors Division

1218 Glendon Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA

(310) 853-1212

Fax (310) 853-1212

Accepts assignments as an expert witness? Yes

Accepts other consulting assignments? Yes

Specialties: Cognitive modeling/analysis, Job analysis/design, OSHA compliance, Training/education, Workplace/workstation design/analysis

Additional Expertise Areas: Occupational safety and health, risk assessment

Educational Background: PhD 1977 (psychology/human factors) Sheridan University; MA 1975

Supplemental Background: Certified Professional Ergonomist, Licensed Professional Engineer, recipient of 1997 Award for Excellence, published 30 technical articles and coauthored 3 books

Consulting Experience: past projects include analysis and redesign of workstations for The Daily Planet newsroom, analysis of new split keyboard design for Keyboards R US, site analyses for Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, and Baxter Healthcare

Total Number of Employees: 11

HFES Member Employees: Harry Factor, James Factor, Susan Factor, Peter Factor

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