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2023 Election - Important Dates

  • May 1:  Call for nominations is distributed to Full and Emeritus members
  • June 5:  The nomination submission form is locked at 5:00 PM Eastern Time
  • June 7 - 23:  Candidates to be confirmed by Nominations and Election Chair or Executive Director who will ask each for confirmation they are willing to run and serve if elected
  • July 10:  Biographical information and photos due from each nominee
  • July 24:  Staff completes ballot composition and opens online voting; on request, paper ballots are sent to those who opt out of online voting
  • August 24:  The election closes at 5:00 PM Eastern time   
  • August 25:  Staff completes count including any mail-in ballots, compiles results, and sends data to the Secretary-Treasurer-Elect
  • August 28 - September 1:  Secretary‐Treasurer‐Elect informs all candidates of the results
  • September 1:  Secretary‐Treasurer‐Elect informs Executive Director when each candidate has been contacted and has acknowledged receipt of the voting results
  • September 8:  Secretary‐Treasurer‐Elect informs the Executive Council that all candidates have been informed of the outcome
  • September 14:  Election outcomes are announced
  • October 21 – 22, 2023:  In-Person Executive Council Meeting
  • October 23 – 27, 2023:  67th International Annual Meeting