Recent Winners of the HFES Best Ergonomics in Design Award

The Best Ergonomics in Design Article Award recognizes excellence in articles published in each year's quarterly issues. Below are links to recent winning papers.

Trust Based Analysis of an Air Force Collision-Avoidance System
Joseph B. Lyons, Nhut T. Ho, Kolina, S. Koltai, Mark Skoog, Artemio Cancanindin, and Walter W. Johnson
Volume 24, Number 1, February 2016

Stand Up and Move: Your Musculoskeletal Health Depends on It
Kermit G. Davis and Susan E. Kotowski
Volume 23, Number 3, July 2015

Contextual Design of a Motivated Medication Management Device
Erin Chiou, Vindhya Venkatraman, Kathleen Larson, Yaqiong Li, Madeleine Gibson, and John D. Lee
Volume 22, Number 1, January 2014

Adherence Engineering: A New Approach to Increasing Adherence to Protocols
Frank Drews
Volume 21, Number 4, October 2013

"This Is Your Heart Speaking. Call 911."
Mary Carol Day, Christopher Young
Volume 20, Number 2, April 2012

Estimating Crash Risk
Thomas A. Dingus, Richard J. Hanowski, and Sheila G. Klauer
Volume 19, Number 4, October 2011

User Research Improves Laparoscopic Instruments
Beth Loring and Erin-Anne Lemieux
Volume 18, Number 1, Winter 2010

Calling 911: Emergency Medical Services in Need of Human Factors
Markus A. Feufel, Katherine D. Lippa, and Helen Altman Klein
Volume 17, Number 2, Spring 2009

Removing Barriers to Medical Devices for Users With Impairments
Melissa R. Lemke and Jack M. Winters
Volume 16, Number 3, Summer 2008

What Older Adults Can Teach Us About Designing Better Ballots
Tiffany S. Jastrzembski and Neil Charness
Volume 15, Number 4, Fall 2007

A Checklist for Crew Resource Management Training
Eduardo Salas, Katherine A. Wilson, C. Shawn Burke, Dennis C. Wightman, and William R. Howse
Volume 14, Number 2, Spring 2006

Better Taxiway Surface Markings, Safer Airports
Steven Estes, Oscar Olmos, Cheryl Andrews, Anthony D. Andre, Susan Chrysler, and Dan Hannon
Volume 13, Number 2, Spring 2005

Optimizing Load Carriage Systems
J. T. Bryant, J. M. Stevenson, L. L. Bossi, S. A. REID, R. P. Pelot, and E. L. Morin
Volume 12, Number 1, Winter 2004

The Ergonomic Critical Assessment Program
Ido Morag
Volume 11, Number 4, Fall 2003

How to Really Improve Airport Security
Douglas H. Harris
Volume 10, Number 1, Winter 2002

Analysis of a "Simple" Medical Device
Wendy A. Rogers, Amy L. Mykityshyn, Regan H. Campbell, and Arthur D. Fisk
Volume 9, Number 1, Winter 2001

Human Factors in Parking Enforcement
Inge Fryklund
Volume 8, Number 2, Spring 2000

Your Call Is Important to Us...Please Hold
Chris Bond and Mark Camack
Volume 7, Number 4, October 1999