Salary and Compensation Survey

Year Published: 2017     

Price:  $50.00 HFES Member /  $200 Nonmember


The HFES 2017 Salary and Compensation Survey report contains the results, in tabular form, from members in the United States based on their 2016 employment and consulting income. A total of 418 members in the categories of Fellow, Full, and Associate Members fully completed the survey questionnaire, representing a response rate of 22%.

Responses cover pay (cash and nonmonetary compensation) and benefits such as health insurance or defined contribution plans. In addition, the questionnaire included questions about current trends in the employment environment for human factors/ergonomics professionals. In 16 tables, the report describes members' demographic data (region, market sector, degree held/discipline, degree/years of experience, years since highest degree, population, and employment size), as well as mean total pay by those same characteristics.

Summary tables include the following:

  • Profile of Survey Respondents by Region; Market Sector; Degree & Total Experience; Market Size
  • Total Pay Summary Statistics by Region
  • Contract Earnings Summary Statistics by Market Sector
  • Mean and Median Total Pay by Region and Highest Degree Earned
  • Mean and Median Total Pay by Region and Years of Experience
  • Summary of Total Pay by Experience (Employees and Consultants)
  • Mean and Median Other Cash by Market Sector
  • Summary of Benefits by Market Sector

In compliance with federal antitrust regulations and to ensure anonymity and lack of bias, this survey was conducted through an independent survey consultant. The report is priced to recover direct costs.

The HFES 2017 Salary Survey is copyrighted 2017 by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Purchasers of single copies of the Salary Survey receive this document conditional upon their acceptance of the following terms: (a). This purchase confers usage privileges to the purchaser only. The document may not be copied by any means without prior permission from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. (b) The document may not be forwarded or otherwise distributed to others. Distribution to other parties is a violation of HFES copyright and terms of use.

39 pages, PDF format, e-book delivered via e-mail upon receipt of payment