Human Factors Prize Competition

The Human Factors Prize was established in 2010 by Editor-in-Chief William S. Marras to recognize excellence in HF/E research through an annual competition in which authors are invited to submit papers on a specific topic for that year.  The prize carries a $5,000 cash award and consideration of publication of the winning paper in the Society's journal, Human Factors. The award is formally conferred at a special session at the HFES International Annual Meeting, where the recipient presents his or her work.

The Topic for the 2021 Human Factors Prize Competition is: Future of Work.  

Submissions are accepted between May 15 and June 15, 2021.  


A blind review will be used. You must upload two versions of your manuscript – a regular submission and a blinded version of the manuscript without author biographies or names in the title. The authors also should blind any other text as appropriate to minimize information about the authors’ identities.

We seek articles that describe human factors research pertaining to future of work, more specifically, how cognitive and/or physical work activities are impacted by new work environments and spaces, new work technologies (e.g., autonomous, robotic, remote sensing, and wearable technologies), and anticipated demographic changes, and by large-scale disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications in all job sectors are welcome. Submissions that address issues related to enabling broad and diverse workforce enlargement and improving accessibility for those physically or cognitively impaired are particularly encouraged.

Manuscripts should provide a theoretical basis, a thorough background, and a detailed description of the methods, results, and discussion of the practical applications of the research. The paper also needs to show the human factors and ergonomics link and impact.

If you are not certain your topic relates to the theme of the 2021 Human Factors Prize, please email

Submissions (research articles or extended multi-phase studies are welcome) must adhere to the policies of general submissions of Human Factors. This includes length restrictions, originality, and formatting.

Submissions must cover original (unpublished) research in the topical area and comply with the requirements in the Human Factors Instructions for Authors. Review articles are not eligible for the Prize.

Any researcher is eligible to submit relevant work; membership in HFES is not required.

Review of submissions will be based on originality, significance, sophistication and completeness of the work. The abstract of the paper should reflect the content and quality of the paper, as it may be used in the selection of short-listed papers for further review. The winning submission, along with other acceptable submissions, will be considered for publication in Human Factors.

REMEMBER: Submissions must be uploaded between May 15 and June 15, 2021 at 6:00 AM Eastern time.