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Monday, November 25, 12:00pm - 1:00pm ET
HFES/ACE Joint Webinar on Advances in Work Ergonomics
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Ergonomics and the Innovation Process
With the rise of Industry 4.0 new challenges begin to emerge for ergonomists and engineers.  This talk will use a case study of automation to illustrate problems that can emerge during the innovation process.  The rationale and benefits of including attention to human aspects in workplace innovation efforts will be reviewed and discussed.  Early investment in ergonomics will lower costs and improve performance compared to chase-and-fix approaches.

Neumann_sq.jpgDr. W. Patrick Neumann, Lic.Eng., LEL, Eur.Erg
Ryerson University

NeuroErgonomic Evaluation of Human-Robotic Interactions

Neuroergonomics has been an instrumental approach for HF/E researchers to understand, evaluate, predict, and improve elements of human performance (such as workload, training, stress, and fatigue) in several work domains. This presentation will focus on emerging neuroergonomics metrics (i.e., functional connectivity, neural efficiency) to quantify human experience and performance in collaborative and wearable (exoskeletons) robotics applications. The importance of neuroergonomic evaluations in facilitating equitable HF/E designs will also be discussed.  

Mehta_sq.jpgRanjana Mehta
Texas A&M University

Control of Work-related Risk

This presentation will briefly describe physical demands associated with work-related musculoskeletal disorders.  Workplace examples will be provided to illustrate these demands.


Sheryl S. Ulin, Ph.D., CPE
University of Michigan

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