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Enhance Your Qualitative Research Through Engaging Videography And Non-Linear Editing

June 18, 19, 20
12:30 - 1:30pm Eastern
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In user experience (UX) research, the participant is often as much of the focus as the techniques and tools themselves. Too often, UX researchers record participants in a room with no specific framing, and then present a roughly edited video of a simple clip that demonstrates a trend or theme among participants. Learning and applying visual aesthetic rules and advanced editing techniques can accomplish this. 

In addition to these rules, this workshop will teach techniques for working in challenging environments where perfect framing is not an option. 

Everyone with an interest in understanding these methods is welcome to learn and discuss the UX data collection and editing situations. We will cover editing and shooting techniques in detail through demonstrations.  No meaningful experience is required, though some familiarity with the topic would help.  
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  •  Part 1: Shooting Video
  • Part 2: Editing Video
  • Part 3: Why this Matters to UX

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