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Humans and Automation: System Design and Research Issues

Humans and Automation: System Design and Research Issues
Author:Thomas B. Sheridan, Ph.D.
Year Published:2002
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    "Does it make sense to talk about humans and automation interacting? YES! Is a human-automation system an impossibility by definition, an oxymoron? The answer is a loud and clear NO."

    Nevertheless, integrating people and systems to achieve automation is not a simple matter, as Sheridan explains in this comprehensive overview. Human factors, especially the cognitive aspects, are often misunderstood and neglected in system design. These factors are growing in importance as systems become automated, more complex, and more interconnected to other systems, making the role of the human operator more critical than ever before.

    HUMANS AND AUTOMATION introduces system designers and engineers to the relations between human operators or users and the ever-increasing automation in transportation (aviation, rail, and highway), communication, manufacturing and chemical process industries, health care, and other fields. It provides a historical context for human factors and automation and describes how the two domains interact to ensure a system in which the human and machine operate with efficiency and safety. Graduate and advanced undergraduate students in engineering or human factors courses will find the book beneficial, as will professionals in government and R&D laboratories, manufacturing companies, and consultancies. Includes appendixes and indexes.

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    ISBN 0471-23428-1
    272 pp., 5.5 x 8.5", hardcover
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