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Mock Trial: A Demonstration of Human Factors Professionals Testifying on a Children’s Transportation Safety Product

Year Published:2017

The HFES Forensics Professional Technical Group is pleased to announce the release of the newest addition to our Mock Trial Series, “Mock Trial: A Demonstration of Human Factors Professionals Testifying on a Children’s Transportation Safety Product.” Members and nonmembers may purchase the video (87 minutes on DVD or flash drive).

This mock trial presents an enactment of human factors expert testimony in a case involving the use and possible misuse of a child’s transportation safety product: a used car seat. The mock trial session presents human factors issues related to the use of the product, including packaging and instructions retention, expectations, user environment, and foreseeable use/misuse of the product. Human factors experts for the plaintiff and the defense each weigh in on the circumstances surrounding the injury, with examination and cross-examination from the respective attorneys.

In addition, and new, to the mock trial series, an expert attorney commentator provides reactions and explains how the testimony will be used. The addition of this expert analysis will be particularly useful as an educational tool for the fields of law, human factors and industrial design, and industrial engineering and psychology.

The presentation features attorneys from the Washington, D.C.-based law firm of Holland & Knight: Lynn Calkins, Esq., served as the commentator; Jessica Farmer, Esq., served as the judge; Cheryl Feeley, Esq., served as the plaintiff attorney; and Julia Milewski, Esq., served as the defense attorney. Then HFES President-Elect Valerie Rice served as the plaintiff’s expert, and HFES member Stephanie Borzendowski served as the defense expert.

The mock trial was organized and chaired by HFES members Ilene Zackowitz and David Lenorovitz and was presented during the 2016 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

87 minutes, available on DVD and flash drive
Click Here to Order this item  1-2 DVDUS $50.00US $75.00US $75.00

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