Answering the "So What" Webinar Series

Answer the “So What” Question: The Human Readiness Level Scale Standard (ANSI/HFES 400-2021)

In the second installment of the "So What" Webinar Series, we will be talking with folks about the new(ish) Human Readiness Level Scale (HRL) standard (ANSI/HFES 400-2021). 

Standards are a fundamental way of communicating science to practice so what better topic for the "So What" Webinar!

In this webinar, practitioners will have a chance to gain insight from those who developed the standard as well as ask questions regarding its implementation and use. Academics can learn more about HRL so they can teach it to future practitioners. 

The standard is available free of charge at Attendees may benefit from reviewing the special October 2021 issue of Ergonomics in Design on the standard as well. 

Register for the event here!

Guests: Judi E. See and Holly Handley

Moderators: Julie Gilpin-Mcminn and S. Camille Peres 


Answer the "So What" Question: Team Cohesion 

In the first installment of the "So What" Webinar Series, we discussed a paper that is consistently one of the top-cited papers in Human Factors:  Salas, Grossman, Hughes, & Coultas's Measuring Team Cohesion: Observations from the Science.  Rebecca Grossman, Associate Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Hofstra University, shared information regarding the paper and Christy Harper, Co-Owner and Managing Partner of End-to-End Research, discussed the challenges of managing teams and the need for measuring team cohesion.

Find the recording here!

Guests: Rebecca Grossman and Christy Harper

Moderators: Camille Peres and Julie Gilpin McMinn