HFES Offers Ombuds Services at the Annual Meeting

HFES is pleased to announce that it will provide Ombuds services at the 67th International Annual Meeting.  This important role will be fulfilled by Mr. Sylvain Bruni.  The Ombuds is an independent, impartial, off-the-record, and confidential resource for meeting attendees to obtain information, seek guidance, voice their concerns about misconduct, harassment, discrimination, and hostility, and to discuss options for how they can deal with concerns that they may experience or observe at HFES meetings.   

The Ombuds and their function is not intended to replace official channels.  If one perceives any prohibited conduct taking place at this meeting, they are encouraged to review the HFES Statement of Appropriate Conduct where one may complete and submit an incident report form.

Please review the information explaining the HFES Ombuds program and other resources:

Notice to Meeting Participants

Ombuds Charter

Frequently Asked Questions and Ombuds Bio

Statement of Appropriate Conduct

Safe Harbor Statement