Past Winners of the Human Factors Prize

The Human Factors Prize, established in 2010 to recognize excellence in human factors/ergonomics research, has been awarded to the following authors and papers.

2019 - HF/E Research and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Human-Machine Interaction
Using Human Factors and Machine Learning to Design Procedures
Anthony McDonald, Nilesh Ade, and Camille Peres

2018 – Mixed Reality
Augmented Reality Improves Procedural Work On an International Space Station Science Instrument
Adam Braly, Benjamin Neurnberger, and So Young Kim 

2017 – Cybersecurity
Hacking the Human: The Prevalence Paradox in Cyber Attack and Cyber Defense
Ben D. Sawyer and Peter A. Hancock

2016 – Big Data/Analytics
Lexical Choice as a Measure of Urgency in Social Media
Andrew Hampton and Valerie L. Shalin

2015 – Sustainability/Resilience
Which Factors Can Protect Against Range Stress in Everyday Usage of Battery Electric Vehicles? Toward Enhancing Sustainability of Electric Mobility Systems
Thomas Franke, Nadine Rauh, Madlen Günther, Maria Trantow, and Josef F. Krems

2014 – Human Factors/Ergonomics of Human-Automation Interaction/Autonomy
Should Drivers Be Operating Within an Automation-Free Bandwidth? Evaluating Haptic Steering Support Systems With Different Levels of Authority
Bastiaan Petermeijer, David Abbink, and Joost de Winter

2013 – Human Factors/Ergonomics of Social Media
Effectiveness of Shared Leadership in Wikipedia
Haiyi Zhu, Robert E. Kraut, and Aniket Kittur

2012 – The Science Behind Product Design
Anthropometric Procedures for Protective Equipment Sizing and Design
Hongwei Hsiao

2011 – Health-Care Ergonomics
Automation in Surgery: The Impact of Navigated-Control Assistance on Performance, Workload, Situation Awareness, and Acquisition of Surgical Skills
Dietrick Manzey, Maria Luz, Stefan Mueller, Andreas Dietz, and Juergen Meixensberger