Meet the Titans

Each speaker has provided an autobiography to share how they entered the HF/E profession, how they developed their key contributions, and to discuss those who were instrumental in their development into a HF/E Titan. These videos offer an unique opportunity to get to know our Titans.  Click the blue cc button in the bottom right corner for closed captions.

Anthony Andre

Anthony Andre
Director, Interface Analysis Associates LLC
Adjunct Professor, Human Factors/Ergonomics, San Jose State University

Presentation: A Journey through the World of Healthcare Human Factors


Emmanuel Tetteh
moderated by Emmanuel Tetteh, Mayo Clinic, Iowa State University

Barrett Caldwell

Barrett Caldwell
Purdue University, School of Industrial Engineering

Presentation: Scouting the Future: Looking with the Eyes and the Mind


Susan Kotowski
moderated by Susan Kotowski, University of Cincinnati

Alphonse Chapanis Caroline Cao   Thomas Ferris   Anthony McDonald

Alphonse Chapanis - 
presented by:

  • Caroline Cao, IMT Atlantique, University of South Australia

  • Thomas Ferris, Texas A&M University

  • Anthony McDonald, University of Wisconsin


Sarah Ligda
moderated by Sarah Ligda, Federal Aviation Administration


Nancy Currie-Gregg

Nancy Currie-Gregg
Professor of Engineering Practice, Industrial & Systems Engineering and Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University

Joe Keebler
moderated by Joe Keebler, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Itiel Dror

Itiel Dror
University College London and Cognitive Consultants International (CCI-HQ)

Presentation: Bias in Expert Decision Making


James Duhig
moderated by James Duhig, AbbVie

Paul Fitts Robert Proctor  Richard Jagacinski

Paul Fitts - presented by Robert Proctor, Richard Jagacinski, Harry Bahrick, Dick Pew and Peter Hancock


moderated by Kim Vu, CSULB

Paul Green

Paul Green
Industrial & Operations Engineering, University of Michigan


Karen Jacobs
moderated by Karen Jacobs, Boston University

Hal Hendrick Pascale Carayon  Brian Kleiner

Hal Hendrick - presented by Pascale Carayon and Brian Kleiner


Abigail Wooldridge
moderated by Abigail Wooldridge, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Pascale Carayon on Hal Hendrick


Brian Kleiner on Hal Hendrick

Waldemar Karwowski

Waldemar Karwowski
Pegasus Professor and Chairman, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems (IEMS), University of Central Florida


Christopher Mayhorn
moderated by Christopher Mayhorn, North Carolina State University

Phil Kortum

Phil Kortum
Rice University

Presentation: Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Satisfaction: Expanding Our Understanding of Usability


Camille Peres
moderated by Camille Peres, Texas A&M University, School of Public Health

David Rempel

David Rempel, MD, MPH
Professor Emeritus, College of Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Presentation: Growing HFE: The Importance of Partnerships


Jack Ming-Lu
moderated by Jack Ming-Lu, NIOSH

Michelle Robertson

Michelle Robertson
Office Ergonomics Research Committee;
Northeastern University;
University of Connecticut;
University of California, Berkeley - Center for Occupational and Environmental Health

Presentation: Office Ergonomics: A Systems Approach and Future Directions


Niki Howard
moderated by Niki Howard, The SHARP Program, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

Suzanne RodgersVictor Paquet      Stan Caplan  Dave Kiser  Somadeepti Chengalur  Miriam Joffe

Suzanne Rodgers - presented by Victor Paquet, Sheree Gibson, Michael Jorgenson, Stan Caplan, Dave Kiser, Somadeepti Chengular & Miriam Joffe

Delia Treaster
moderated by Delia Treaster, The Boeing Company

Emilie Roth

Emilie Roth
Roth Cognitive Engineering

Presentation: Design and Evaluation for Adaptive Joint Performance: Supporting Work in the Face of the Unanticipated


Sylvain Bruni
moderated by Sylvain Bruni, Aptima

Mark Scerbo

Mark Scerbo
Professor, Department of Psychology, Old Dominion University
Adjunct Professor of
Health Professions, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Presentation: Human Factors and Healthcare Simulation: Help Wanted

Kristen Webster
moderated by Brittany Anderson-Montoya, Teladoc Health, Inc

Ben Shneiderman

Ben Shneiderman
University of Maryland

Presentation: Human-Centered AI: A Road Map for Human Factors Researchers


Esa Rantanen
moderated by Esa Rantanen, Rochester Institute of Technology

David Strayer

David Strayer
Director of the Applied Cognition Laboratory, Department of Psychology, University of Utah

Presentation: Emerging Technology and Distracted Driving:  From the Model T to the Model S


Kristen Webster
moderated by Kristen Webster, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital