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Published in partnership with SAGE, the following journals offer print advertising. To request a full media kit, reserve space, or send inquiries, contact Anna Gonda, account executive at SAGE.

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Human Factors (HF), established in 1957, publishes peer-reviewed scientific studies in human factors/ergonomics that present theoretical and practical advances concerning the relationship between people and technologies, tools, environments, and systems. Papers published in Human Factors leverage fundamental knowledge of human capabilities and limitations – and the basic understanding of cognitive, physical, behavioral, physiological, social, developmental, affective, and motivational aspects of human performance – to yield design principles; enhance training, selection, and communication; and ultimately improve human-system interfaces and sociotechnical systems that lead to safer and more effective outcomes. Publication size: 6-7/8" x 10".

Ergonomics in Design (EID), published quarterly since January 1993, is intended to serve the needs of practicing human factors engineers and ergonomists who are concerned with the usability of products, systems, and environments. It provides up-to-date demonstrations of the importance of ergonomics principles in design and implementation. Articles, case studies, anecdotes, debates, and commentary focus on the ways in which human factors principles are implemented in the design, development, prototyping, test and evaluation, training, and manufacturing processes of a product or system. Publication size: 8-3/8" x 10-7/8".

Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making (JCEDM), published since 2007, examines how people engage in cognitive work in real-world settings and how that work can be supported through the design of technologies, operating concepts and operating procedures, decision-making strategies, teams and organizations, and training protocols. Thus, the journal publishes rigorous approaches to the observation, modeling, analysis, and design of complex work domains in which human expertise is paramount and multiple aspects of the work environment may drive performance. Publication size: 6-7/8" x 10".

Ad Rates for All Three Journals

Ad Size 1x 4x 8x
Full page $935 $800 $760
1/2 page $750 $640 $610
1/4 page $450 $385 $365

Color Rates
4-Color charge (in addition to B&W rate above): $1,115

Cover and Preferred Position Rates

Cover Position Rate
Inside Front Cover Earned B&W rate + 35%
Inside Back Cover Earned B&W rate + 25%
Back Cover Earned B&W rate + 50%
Facing First Text Page Earned B&W rate + 25%
Other specified positions Earned B&W rate + 10%

Ad Dimensions

HF Ad Size Width Height
Full page 6" 9"
1/2 page 6" 4-1/4"

EID Ad Size Width Height
Full page 7" 10"
1/2 page horizontal 7" 4-7/8"
1/2 page vertical 3-3/8" 10"
1/4 page vertical 3-3/8" 4-7/8"

JCEDM Ad Size Width Height
Full page 6" 9"
1/2 page 6" 4-1/4"


Issue Reserve Space Art Due
January November 1 November 5
February December 1 December 5
March January 1 January 5
April February 1 February 5
May March 1 March 5
June April 1 April 5
July May 1 May 5
August June 1 June 5
September July 1 July 5
October August 1 August 5
November September 1 September 5
December October 1 October 5
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