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The ISO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and its associated subcommittee TAGs are responsible for establishing U.S. positions on all standards, technical reports, work items, and specifications developed within ISO TC 159 - Ergonomics.

Click here to see a graphic depicting the TAG, its subcommittee TAGs, and the Working Groups (WGs) organized under each. The graphic also contains e-mail contact information for the chairs of the ISO TAG 159 and subcommittee TAGs. Click on the links below for additional detailed information about the ISO/TC 159 subcommittees:

Membership in the individual TAGs is open to any organization or individual (e.g., consultant) whose work, services, or products have the potential to be materially affected by the standards produced by the TAG. To request TAG membership, contact the relevant TAG chair.

HFES also invites members to apply for appointments as U.S. experts to ISO TC 159 Working Groups. U.S. experts are expected to attend Working Group meetings once or twice per year and participate actively in the document development occurring in the Working Group. To apply for an appointment as a U.S. expert to a Working Group, contact the relevant U.S. TAG chair, and include a copy of your curriculum vitae.

Further general information about HFES participation in ISO standards work is available in a number of articles published in the HFES Bulletin.