Test and Evaluation Technical Group Adopts Name Change


In order to better fit members’ needs, the Test and Evaluation Technical Group members recently approved changing the name of this group to the Usability and System Evaluation Technical Group.  The Usability and System Evaluation Technical Group focuses on the quantitative and qualitative methods that human factors and ergonomics professionals apply when evaluating the usability, usefulness, and utility of interface designs and concepts for hardware, software, products, and services. Test design and evaluation are core skills for human factors and user experience professionals who are dedicated to rigorously and defensibly measuring human-system performance, workload, situational awareness, ease of use, system trust, safety, or user acceptance. Testing can be formative, summative, comparative, or iterative and can be conducted across a broad range of program management and system development processes including waterfall and agile (among others). Of particular interest to this technical group are the tools, techniques, and methodologies applied during testing and system evaluation to include: test design and measurement approaches, practical implications of results and best practices, impact on interface design and the user experience, and lessons learned. 

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