Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making Special Issue Call for Papers

Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making
Special Issue Call for Papers

Smart Thinking:
Macrocognitive models, skills, and support

Submissions are invited for a special issue of the Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making (JCEDM) on Smart Thinking: Macrocognitive models, skills, and support.

The first Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) conference was held in 1989, bringing together a diverse set of researchers working on related problems. From that small group, the NDM community of practice has grown worldwide. NDM methods and models have extended well beyond the 1988 study of firefighters to a broad range of domains. In fact, NDM professionals are often invited to contribute to the study of emerging problems with significant implications for safety, productivity, and innovation.

NDM approaches are characterized by in-depth descriptions of how professionals engage in cognitive work in real-world settings. The special issue will include articles that highlight NDM approaches to macrocognitive work systems characterized by contextual uncertainty and adaptation, and the need to cope with complexity.

Special issue editors Jan Maarten Schraagen and Hayley Davison Reynolds invite submissions dealing with any of these topics including, but not limited to:

  • Decision making under stress and uncertainty
  • Training macrocognitive skills
  • Strategies to support rapid decision making
  • Decision making in information visualizations, user interface design, macrocognition and adaptive performance
  • Decision making in automation and explainable artificial intelligence
  • Decision making for the Internet and consumer decisions
  • Decision making and decision support in the workplace and in organizations

Together, the collection of papers included in this special issue should provide an in-depth look at how to foster smart thinking in an increasingly technology-dominated world.


Submission Deadline: November 15, 2019

Acceptance Notification: February 28, 2020

Final Manuscript Due: April 30, 2020

Publication: To be determined

Manuscripts will be subject to the standard JCEDM review prior to acceptance.  Author instructions can be found at: Manuscripts should be submitted electronically via Please use the format prescribed in the APA Publication Manual (6th edition).


This special issue is co-edited by Jan Maarten Schraagen and Hayley Davison Reynolds. 

Jan Maarten Schraagen                                            Hayley J. Davison Reynolds

TNO, Soesterberg, The Netherlands                MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA, USA