Call for Papers for Human Factors Special Issue on User Centered Design for Exoskeleton & Exosuit Usage


Call for Papers for Human Factors Special Issue on User Centered Design for Exoskeleton & Exosuit Usage

Special Issue Guest Editors Christopher Reid, Kermit Davis, David Rempel, and Delia Treaster, invite submissions for an upcoming special issue of Human Factors on User Centered Design for Exoskeleton and Exosuit Usage. The aim of this special issue is to promote awareness and visibility of research related to important human factors, ergonomics, and safety issues around the design of these systems for their human users.

Exoskeletons and exosuits are a class of wearable technology that are becoming more mainstream in accessibility to the public for industrial, medical, and military uses. Known commonly as exoskeletons, these systems are structures that attach to parts of the body and augment joints and muscles in order to improve human functional performance and reduce injuries and fatigue. Like other types of body-worn articles such as clothing or personal protective equipment, exoskeletons will need to adopt standard design and manufacturing requirements for safe, reliable, and effective system integration with the human end user community in mind. The current state of the research is primarily geared towards technology development or physiological and biomechanical evaluation. There is a current lack of uniform evaluation methods and design requirements to improve user centered design for safe and effective system application. 

Theoretical, methodological, and empirical efforts that address the issue of exoskeleton user centered design are welcome. Relevant and informative articles from outside of the Human Factors & Ergonomics discipline are also encouraged. View the Information for Authors prior to submitting your work online. The submission deadline for manuscripts for the special issue is March 31, 2019.