2019 Health Care Symposium Keynote Speaker: Richard I. Cook, MD


Meet the 2019 Health Care Symposium Keynote Speaker:

Richard Cook is a physician, researcher, and educator. He is a co-author of “Operating at the Sharp End: The Complexity of Human Error.” (inHuman Error in Medicine, 1994), “Adapting to New Technology in the Operating Room” (Human Factors, 1996), A Tale of Two Stories: Contrasting Views of  Patient Safety(NPSF, 1998), “Gaps in the continuity of care and progress on patient safety” (BMJ, 2000), and “'Going solid’: a model of system dynamics and consequences for patient safety” (Qual Safety in Health Care, 2005) as well as numerous book chapters and other writings. He is the recipient of the 1999 Peter Kiewit Memorial Award of The Annenberg Foundation and the 2001 McGovern Medal for Medical Writing of the American Medical Writers Association.

2019 Health Care Symposium Keynote Address:

A Few Observations on the Marvelous Resilience of Bone and Resilience Engineering
Richard I. Cook, MD
Adaptive Capacity Labs, Brooklyn, NY
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Dramatic and mundane examples of resilience have encouraged a search for resilience engineering. The possibility of deliberately exploiting or enhancing resilience is tantalizing. But what exactly is resilience engineering? There are at least two possible forms: first, engineering that exploits what we know about resilient systems and, second, engineering that shapes resilience itself. Bone is useful example of resilience and both types of resilience engineering. The example shows how resilience and resilience engineering are related and also what resilience engineering in other settings might entail.