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Apply for the Student Leadership Development Workshop During UX Day at HFES 2019!

Are you a student with an interest in UX? We are seeking the top emerging student leaders in our Society who have an interest in UX to participate in our Leadership Development Workshop as part of the UX Day activities at this year’s HFES 2019 International Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Students should demonstrate the following criteria:
  • A strong dedication to and participation in their student chapter, local chapter, or national chapter.
  • A reputation of a sound academic record.
  • A proclivity for insightful research and creative inquiry.
  • A passion for applying human factors principles to create and evaluate high quality user experiences.

This workshop is a learning and networking opportunity for top students in HFES. Participants who are selected for this privilege will work on a UX challenge with a professional in the society who will serve as the student's mentor. The goal of this activity is to transfer valuable industry experience from a seasoned practitioner to future industry leaders while establishing a valuable long-term networking relationship that is intended to persist beyond the conference itself.

Because this workshop is for students, the applicant must be enrolled in an academic program during the Fall semester of 2019 when the annual meeting occurs in order to qualify. Additionally, the student is financially responsible for registering and attending the conference using their own means since there is no discount or travel assistance associated with this opportunity. If you or someone you know of meets these criteria and is interested in this event, they should submit an application using the web form linked below.

The application requires some basic contact information, a summary of societal, academic, research, and applied activities, a brief statement of interest, and contact information for a reference who is a member of the society. We will ask the reference to provide a brief evaluation and letter of recommendation.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact: Adrien Hensley at or Amal Ponathil at

You may apply for this opportunity by filling out this application form: