Student Career and Professional Develop Day at HFES 2019


Monday – October 28

Session 1: Diversity and Inclusion in Professional Development (10:30-12:00 pm)

Diversity is important. This is true in instances when team members come from various cultural and professional backgrounds to accomplish shared goals. While diversity of perspectives yields more creative products and improved team performance, ensuring the smooth progression of team members’ working together requires development. That is, teams of experts do not necessarily make for expert teams. Research on diversity shows that teams composed of diverse deep cultural competencies (e.g., high collectivism v. high individualism) suffer poor performance initially before yielding superior outcomes to their homogeneous counterparts. Despite this knowledge, little is done to develop students at the graduate level from diverse backgrounds. This critical area and current gap of recognizing and developing students. In this panel discussion we explore the role of development of graduate students from diverse backgrounds.


Session Chair: Ashley Hughes


  • Rupa Valdez (University of Virginia) 
  • Erin Chiou (Arizona State University)
  • Liza Papautsky (University of Illinois at Chicago)


Session 2: Transitioning Through Academia: Graduate, Postdoc, and the Tenure-Track Faculty (1:00-2:30 pm)

This session will allow students to hear from human factors professionals in academia on discussing the process of pursuing a graduate degree and transitioning to a job in academia. The session will cover topics including life as a graduate student in human factors, applying for academic jobs, and life as a professor in human factors. The session will also be open for students to interact with the panelists and ask any questions on topics not covered.


Session Chair: Ji-Eun Kim


  • Prashanth Rajivan (Assistant Prof., University of Washington)  
  • Erika Miller (Assistant Prof., Colorado State University)
  • Ziho Kang (Assistant Prof., University of Oklahoma)  
  • Wayne Giang (Assistant Prof., University of Florida)
  • Yiqi Zhang (Assistant Prof., The Pennsylvania State University)  

Session 3: Getting a Job in HF/UX Industries and Non-profit Organizations (2:45-4:15 pm)

Students will have a chance to hear from and interact with HF industry professionals on their experiences transitioning from their degree program to working in the “real world”. The session will open with each of the panelists summarizes their experiences in making this transition or outlining what they look for in recent graduates beginning their early careers, including recommendations and advice.


Session Chair: Steven Hwang, Tianchen Sun


  • Vindhya Venkatraman (Battelle)
  • John Campbell (Exponent) 
  • Scott Reed (Exponent) 
  • Rammohan Maikala (Providence St. Joseph Health)   
  • K. Cheong (Microsoft) 
  • Richard Gardner (Boeing)   
  • Joonbum Lee (Battelle)