Recent Winners of the HFES Jerome H. Ely Award for Best Paper in Human Factors

The Jerome H. Ely Human Factors Award recognizes excellence in papers published in each year's volume. Below are links to recent winning papers.

Time Sharing Between Robotics and Process Control: Validating a Model of Attention Switching
Christopher D. Wickens, Robert Gutzwiller, Alex Vieane, Benjamin A. Clegg, Angelia Sebok, and Jess Janes
Volume 58, Number 2, January 2016

Assessing Cognitive Distraction in the Automobile
David L. Strayer, Jonna Turrill, Joel M. Cooper, James R. Coleman, Nathan Medeiros-Ward, and Francesco Biondi
Volume 57, Number 8, December 2015

Interactive Effects of the COMT Gene and Training on Individual Differences in Supervisory Control of Unmanned Vehicles
Raja Parasuraman, Brian Kidwell, Ryan Olmstead, Ming-Kuan Lin, Ryan Jankord, and Pamela Greenwood
Volume 56, Number 4, June 2014

Evaluation of Wearable Simulation Interface for Military Training
Grant S. Taylor and John S. Barnett
Volume 55, Number 3, June 2013

Naturalistic Validation of an On-Road Driving Test of Older Drivers
Brian R. Ott, George D. Papandonatos, Jennifer D. Davis, and Peggy P. Barco
Volume 54, Number 4, August 2012

Looming Auditory Collision Warnings for Driving
Rob Gray
Volume 53, Number 1, February 2011

Training Adaptive Teams
Jamie C. Gorman, Nancy J. Cooke, and Polemnia G. Amazeen
Volume 52, Number 2, April 2010

False Alerts in Air Traffic Control Conflict Alerting System: Is There a "Cry Wolf" Effect?
Christopher D. Wickens, Stephen Rice, David Keller, Shaun Hutchins, Jamie Hughes, and Krisstal Clayton
Volume 51, Number 4, August 2009

Not All Trust Is Created Equal: Dispositional and History-Based Trust in Human-Automation Interactions
Stephanie M. Merritt and Daniel R. Ilgen
Volume 50, Number 2, April 2008

Pilots' Monitoring Strategies and Performance on Automated Flight Decks: An Empirical Study Combining Behavioral and Eye-Tracking Data
Nadine B. Sarter, Randall J. Mumaw, and Christopher D. Wickens
Volume 49, Number 3, June 2007

+Gz Acceleration Loss of Consciousness: Time Course of Performance Deficits With Repeated Experience
Lloyd D. Tripp, Joel S. Warm, Gerald Matthews, Peter Chiu, Paul Werchan, and John E. Deaton
Volume 48, Number 1, Spring 2006

Heuristic Automation for Decluttering Tactical Displays
Mark St. John, Harvey S. Smallman, Daniel I. Manes, Bela A. Feher, and Jeffrey G. Morrison
Volume 47, Number 3, Fall 2005

Sonification Supports Eyes-Free Respiratory Monitoring and Task Time-Sharing
Marcus Watson and Penelope Sanderson
Volume 46, Number 3, Fall 2004

Modeling the Effect of Task and Graphical Representation on Response Latency in a Graph Reading Task
David Peebles and Peter C.-H. Cheng
Volume 45, Number 1, Spring 2003

Collision Warning Timing, Driver Distraction, and Driver Response to Imminent Rear-End Collisions in a High-Fidelity Driving Simulator
John D. Lee, Daniel V. McGehee, Timothy L. Brown, and Michelle L. Reyes
Volume 44, Number 2, Summer 2002

The Use of 2D and 3D Displays for Shape-Understanding versus Relative-Position Tasks
Mark St. John, Michael B. Cowen, Harvey S. Smallman, and Heather M. Oonk
Volume 43, Number 1, Spring 2001