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Advisory Board




Anthony D. Andre, PhD, CPE — Interface Analysis Associates; San Jose State University

          Anthony D. Andre

Anthony D. Andre is the Founding Principal of Interface Analysis Associates, an award-winning human factors, usability, and ergonomics consulting firm specializing in the design, analysis and usability testing of software/hardware user interfaces, computer input devices and ergonomic products, high-tech consumer products, software and Web applications, medical and life-saving devices, work environments, and aerospace/automotive systems. As a co-founder of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Graduate Program at San Jose State University, Dr. Andre has served as an Adjunct Professor of Ergonomics and Human Factors in the departments of Psychology and Industrial & Systems Engineering. He teaches graduate seminars and courses on workplace ergonomics, cognitive engineering, engineering psychology, research methods, usability testing, human factors experiments, and professional issues. Dr. Andre was the recipient of the 2009 College of Engineering Outstanding Lecturer Award. He is the author of over 120 publications and has presented numerous invited addresses, panel presentations, technical lectures, workshops, and seminars on various human factors, usability, and workplace ergonomics topics.



Kermit G. Davis, PhD, CPE — University of Cincinnati

            Kermit G. Davis

Kermit G. Davis was trained in industrial engineering with specialization in occupational ergonomics and low-back biomechanics with special interest in multiple exposures, both physical and psychosocial stressors. He is an associate professor at the University of Cincinnati. One of his current research focuses is the investigation of the synergistic effect of physical and psychosocial workplace demands on the responses within the lower back. He has published numerous articles about the impact of complex workplace stressors on the lower back over his 20-year career.


Advisory Board


William (Bill) Elliott, MPH, MS, CPE — ABM Onsite Services

        William (Bill) Elliott












Sheree L. Gibson, MS, CPE — Ergonomics Applications

           Sheree L. Gibson

Sheree L. Gibson is president of Ergonomics Applications, an industrial ergonomics consulting firm. She has been practicing ergonomics and engineering for the past 37 years. Sheree has degrees in both mechanical engineering and industrial ergonomics. She is past chair of the AIHA Ergonomics Committee.






Susan Kotowski, PhD, CPE — University of Cincinnati

            Susan Kotowski

Susan Kotowski is an assistant professor and director of the Gait and Movement Analysis Lab in the College of Allied Health Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. She holds a PhD in occupational safety and ergonomics and has more than 11 years of experience in teaching and ergonomics assessment. She is an active member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association Ergonomics Committee and the HFES Occupational Ergonomics Technical Group.




David Linkenauger, MS, AEP — Foxconn Technology Group

          David Linkenauger

David Linkenauger received a BS in industrial and systems engineering and an MS in industrial engineering with a focus on human factors and ergonomics, both from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Mr. Linkenauger has spent the past four years working as a process improvement engineer within the Foxconn organization in Sandston, Virginia. During his time at Foxconn, he has led an ergonomics team in analyzing hundreds of job tasks within their packaging environment. In 2016, with his assumption of the safety coordinator job duties, he added responsibility of managing site-wide safety.



Y. Ian Noy, PhD, CPE — Liberty Mutual Insurance

                 Y. Ian Noy

Y. Ian Noy is Vice President, Liberty Mutual Group and Director, Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety. He holds a doctorate in industrial engineering from the University of Toronto, specializing in human factors. Prior to joining Liberty Mutual he was Director, Standards Research and Development, with Transport Canada's Road Safety Directorate. He is a Certified Professional Ergonomist with 35 years of professional research and practice experience. Dr. Noy's R&D experience covers a broad range of areas, including traffic safety, workplace ergonomics, human-machine interface design and evaluation, human performance and training, and behavioral research. He has published over 150 scientific and technical reports, and conference and journal articles.



Scott Openshaw, PhD, CPE — Herman Miller

            Scott Openshaw

Scott Openshaw brings a global perspective to his role as human factors in ergonomics lead for Herman Miller. Scott did his undergraduate work at Brigham Young University, a master's degree in biomedical engineering from Iowa State University, and a PhD in industrial engineering from the University of Iowa. During his long career, the fluent Spanish speaker conducted ergonomics training and studies around the world. These experiences enrich his understanding of the human experience, as well as his work for Herman Miller. Scott works with the Insight and Exploration team to conduct ergonomics-related research. He also serves as a knowledge expert for the team who supports Thrive, Herman Miller's portfolio of ergonomic solutions. In previous roles with Boston design firms Continuum and Radius, Scott tested medical products for human factors, usability, and safety. Prior to his work in Boston, Scott spent nearly 10 years working with ergonomics and human factors in the furniture industry.



Kristy Schultz, MS, CIE — Ergonomics Roundtable of Sacramento

              Kristy Schultz

Kristy Schultz received her masters of science in human factors/ergonomics from San Jose State University and a bachelor of arts in health and community services, health education from California State University, Chico. She worked at Cal/OSHA in the Research & Education Unit as an ergonomics specialist where she developed and wrote educational material in ergonomics. Her area of ergonomic focus was in the following industries: office; construction; small businesses; food processing; janitorial/custodians/housekeepers; hand tool selection; manual material handling, and home healthcare. During her time as an ergonomics consultant with State Fund, she consulted with employers to identify risk factors and propose control measures in a variety of workplaces, such as agriculture weeding/harvesting; packing sheds; plant nurseries; food processing; water treatment; adult daycare; home health care; construction, drivers, and more. Ms. Schultz is a Certified Industrial Ergonomist through the Oxford Research Institute and has been Co-Chairman of the Ergonomics Roundtable of Sacramento since 2002.