Final Paper Preparation Guide for the HFES 2018 Annual Meeting Proceedings

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Publication Options
Preparing Your Final Proceedings Paper
Copyright Requirements
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How to Upload Your Final Paper
Alphonse Chapanis Best Student Paper Award
PowerPoint Best Practices and Audiovisual Equipment
Other Meeting Details

Download the HFES Copyright Transfer Form

Congratulations on the acceptance of your HFES 2018 Annual Meeting proposal! READ THIS SECTION before uploading your paper.

Publication Options

HFES encourages authors to publish a paper of up to 5 formatted pages in the Annual Meeting Proceedings. Alternatively, authors may submit an extended abstract of 1–2 pages (minimum of 500 words, not counting references and tables). Very short (e.g., 100–200-word) abstracts are not eligible for publication in the proceedings. However, a short abstract of 150 words must be entered in the submission site so it will appear in the online program.

Suitably revised papers printed in the HFES Annual Meeting Proceedings may be submitted for consideration in Human Factors and the Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making. Details may be found at (see "Manuscripts Based on Proceedings Papers").


  1. All proceedings papers must be submitted by 6:00 p.m. Eastern time on TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2018.

  2. Only proceedings papers or extended abstracts that represent work presented at the meeting may be submitted for publication. If a presentation is withdrawn, there will be no publication.

  3. Include author names and affiliations on the first page of your paper. Papers received without author information will not be published.


  5. Follow reviewers' recommendations to improve your paper, if applicable.

  6. Update the title, author names/affiliations, and abstract in the database before uploading your paper.

  7. Complete the digital Copyright Transfer Form (see below for more details).

  8. Multimedia file supplements (50 MB maximum) are invited for evaluation. See below for details. Accepted supplements will be linked to the proceedings paper.

If you have questions, please contact Lois Smith ( or Steve Stafford ( at the HFES Communications Department.

Preparing Your Final Proceedings Paper

#1 Top Priority: Approval Process
Revise and submit your proposal for internal approval well in advance of the May 29 deadline – don't wait until the last minute. HFES cannot publish papers that have not been approved or cleared by the May 29 deadline even if they are submitted on time.

#2 High Priority: Updating Your Paper
Incorporate reviewers' recommended changes if you feel this will strengthen your paper. Reviewers' comments may be found at the end of the acceptance letter. Don't see your acceptance letter? Log in at the submission site; on the Author Home page, click "Email History" in the under “My Account” in the upper left side of the page.

#3 High Priority: Proofread Thoroughly
HFES recommends at least two proofreaders for each paper to ensure accuracy. Corrected papers cannot be accepted after the May 29 deadline.

Page Limits

DISCUSSION PANELS: The chair should collect brief summaries from panelists and combine them into one paper not exceeding 5 pages in length.

INVITED SYMPOSIA: HFES encourages the chair/organizer to prepare a symposium introduction/overview paper of 1–2 pages. The limit is 5 formatted pages for each presentation in the symposium.

WORKSHOPS: No paper is published in the proceedings.

Layout Instructions
Follow the instructions for formatting your paper (see Final Paper Guidelines). Pay particular attention to the yellow-highlighted areas. A Microsoft Word template is also available.

Include the names of all authors and coauthors on the first page, along with their affiliations. You can add, delete, or change the order of authors when you upload your final paper (see below for uploading instructions). ALL COAUTHORS MUST CONSENT TO BE NAMED ON THE PAPER OR EXTENDED ABSTRACT.

Acceptable File Formats
Word and PDF files can be uploaded. If you experience any problems with the upload, please immediately contact the HFES Communications Department ( or

Graphics must be embedded within the file, not linked to it. Color images are acceptable, but compress them prior to uploading the paper. Excessively large files may not upload or convert correctly.

Copyright Requirements

HFES copyrights the Annual Meeting proceedings in the name of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. During the file upload process, you will be able to sign a digital copy of the HFES Copyright Transfer Form. Fully signed Copyright Transfer Forms must be received by the May 29 deadline.

Crown Copyright
Employees of agencies of the Crown may submit the Crown license form. Send the form to Lois Smith (fax 310/394-2410).

Alternative Agreements
If your employer has an alternative copyright or license form, it must be submitted for consideration two weeks prior to the submission deadline, or May 15. Send the form, along with your submission ID and the name and contact information for your employer's legal department, to HFES Communications Director Lois Smith.

U.S. Government Employees and Contractors
Main authors who are employed by an agency of the U.S. government, or who performed 100% of the work under U.S. government contract, are required to complete the appropriate sections of the digital HFES Copyright Transfer Form.

DISCUSSION PANELS: It is not necessary for the chair or individual panelists to sign the HFES Copyright Transfer Form if their summaries are 500 words or less.

Supplemental Materials

Accepted authors may submit supplemental multimedia content for possible inclusion in the HFES 2018 International Annual Meeting Proceedings. The goal of the supplemental content is to provide additional forms of information that are not feasible to present in a proceedings paper. View the guidelines and separate due date for submissions of supplemental content.

How to Upload Your Final Paper

Follow these steps to upload your paper at the 2018 Annual Meeting submission site.

  1. Log in with your existing username and password. DO NOT CREATE A NEW LOGIN.

  2. Update the author information if it has changed since your original submission.

  3. Update the title and/or subtitle on the Submission page if changes have occurred since your original submission.

  4. Update the abstract on the Submission page if that has changed.

  5. Upload your Word or PDF file.

  6. On the Submission Detail page, click the button at the bottom, labeled "Continue With My Submission."

  7. Follow the instructions to digitally sign the HFES Copyright Transfer Form.

  8. Proofread your uploaded file to make sure it displays properly.

  9. Click "Submit for Publication."

A confirmation e-mail will be sent from

Alphonse Chapanis Best Student Paper Award

Students are invited to submit their papers for the HFES Alphonse Chapanis Best Student Paper Award. Requirements are found on the application form. The completed application form must be accompanied by a digital copy of the proceedings paper and sent to the Chapanis Award Committee chair no later than MAY 29, 2018.

NOTE: Because the award will be presented during the Tuesday plenary session (October 2, 8:00–10:00 a.m.), candidates for the Chapanis Award must be present on Monday, October 1, to deliver their papers before the award committee. The time and location will be determined in July.

PowerPoint Best Practices And Audiovisual Equipment

As you prepare your presentation slides, please review the guidelines in the Ergonomics in Design article by Francis T. Durso and colleagues: Evidence-Based Human Factors Guidelines for PowerPoint Presentations.

Each room will be equipped with a laptop computer (PC), an LCD projector, and screen. Come to your session room at least 15 minutes early to load your slides on the laptop and ensure that they display correctly.

To request alternative AV equipment, submit a completed Audiovisual Equipment Request Form by the date indicated on the form. Requests are filled on a case-by-case basis.

Other Meeting Details

Preliminary Program
Changes may be made to the date and time of your presentation before the 2018 Annual Meeting begins. If a change is made, you will be notified as soon as possible.

The Preliminary Program will be available on the Annual Meeting page as an online, searchable database. Please check the Preliminary Program and report changes or errors to the HFES Communications Department immediately. The site will also include a personal itinerary feature to help you plan your activities at the meeting.

At least one author of each accepted presentation must register to attend the Annual Meeting. Registration opens in late June, and discounted fees are available until August 20.

Time Limits
The time limit for each speaker in a five-paper lecture session is about 15 minutes; however, your session chair will notify you of the exact time allowed for your presentation. Speakers will be held strictly to the time limits. Be sure to rehearse your oral presentation to ensure that you stay within the limit, or you may be cut off by the session chair before you finish.

Session Chair Briefings
Before the session begins, the chair will provide specific time limits, obtain speaker biographies, and describe how the Q&A will be handled, and so on.