Publications >Guidelines for Using Anthropometric Data in Product Design

Guidelines for Using Anthropometric Data in Product Design

Editor: HFES 300 Committee
Year Published: 2004

Guidelines for Using Anthropometric Data in Product Design provides a path for the most efficient design of furniture, clothing, tools, or anything that must be used safely, comfortably, and efficiently by taking into account the dimensions of the human body. Anthropometry provides the human dimensional data, and the techniques to properly apply these data may vary in proportion to the complexity of the population to be accommodated.


This is the first document to present a global approach to anthropometry, extending from the use of averages and percentiles to methods appropriate for more complex designs, such as multivariate analysis. The unifying theme for all anthropometric methods is what is referred to as case selection. Case selection is the process of choosing realistic combinations of body dimensions that must be accommodated simultaneously for a design to fit its target audience.


Basic and advanced methodologies to properly apply anthropometric data are described, their advantages and disadvantages are explained, and illustrative examples are provided. Includes abundant resources and references.



  • Introduction
  • Statement of the Design Problem
  • Defining the Target Population
  • Anthropometric Databases
  • Representing Body Size Variability Using Cases
  • Transitioning Cases to Products
  • Anthropometry in Design: Examples and Summary
  • References
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography of Related Publications

ISBN 0-945289-23-5
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