About HFES

Governance Culture

Shared Attitudes, Values, Goals, and Practices 

The HFES Executive Council has committed to the values and behaviors reflected in the statements below.  We:

  • Listen with intent; engage in respectful dialog with kindness where every opinion matters; emerge as one voice
  • Support innovation, strategic thinking, and sound management of Society resources
  • Value trust and foster collaboration between Executive Council members, management, and committees
  • Foster an environment where all feel comfort in sharing their opinions and experiences
  • Value diversity, equity, and inclusion and cultivate a welcoming environment
  • Enjoy combining Society business with fun 
  • Are informed, engaged, open and prepared to actively participate in Council and Society business
  • Challenge ourselves to innovative thinking
  • Make decisions that are evidence based / knowledge based
  • Honor the past while embracing future opportunities
  • Demonstrate integrity in all actions and decisions

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, founded in 1957, is the world’s largest scientific association of human factors/ergonomics professionals. HFES serves the needs of members and the public by promoting and advancing the discovery and exchange of knowledge concerning the characteristics of human beings that are applicable to the design of systems, products, tools, and environments of all kinds.

HFES advances the science and practice of designing for people in systems through knowledge exchange, collaboration, and advocacy.

HFES envisions a future of systems that work for humans by design, grounded in science.

Approved March 20, 2022