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2022 Executive Council Election

Large circular board meeting table with sixteen chairsAll HFES eligible voting members are encouraged to participate in this year’s nominations and election process. We are seeking nominations for President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer-Elect, and Two Members-at-Large of the Executive Council.  

The call for nominations closed at 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Monday, June 6, 2022.  During the several few weeks, those with the most nominations will be contacted to confirm their willingness to run and to serve if elected. They will submit biographical and candidate statements for inclusion on the election ballot.  The election ballot will be distributed to eligible voting members of the Society in late July.

  • Read about the responsibilities associated with holding elected office.

  • View a video about service in elected office at HFES. 

    Note, this video was recorded in 2021 and references the 2021 election timeline.  Dates related to the 2022 election may be viewed. here.

  • Ready to nominate?  Complete the Nomination Ballot(The nomination ballot no longer accepts nominations.)

Nominee Eligibility:

All Full Members and Fellows of the Society, including Emeritus Members and Emeritus Fellows, are eligible for nomination and election. (Associate, Affiliate, Early-Career Professional, and Student Affiliate members are not Full members and cannot nominate or vote.) The following elected members are still within the terms of their elected office and may not be nominated in 2022:
May Not be Nominated: 

  • President: Christopher Reid
  • President-Elect: Carolyn Sommerich
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Ellen Bass
  • Secretary-Treasurer-Elect: Ayse Gurses
  • At-large Council Member: Ranjana Mehta
  • At-large Council Member: Deborah Boehm-Davis
  • At-large Council Member: Caroline Cao
  • At-large Council Member: Barry Goettl 

To Nominate Someone or to Self-Nominate:

  • Confirm with those you wish to nominate that they are willing to be nominated for the position and would serve if elected before you submit your nomination.  Self-nomination is permitted. 
  • Submit the online nomination ballot no later than the submission deadline of 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Monday, June 6, 2022.  The nomination ballot no longer accepts nominations.
  • Members who have any barriers related to the use of an online form for the purpose of submission of nominations for elected office should contact HFES Executive Director Steven Kemp at skemp@hfes.org for accommodation.

A minimum number of nominations is required in order for one to be eligible to appear on the ballot. Those minimums are:

  • Five for President-Elect
  • Three for Secretary-Treasurer-Elect
  • Three for Executive Council Member-at-Large-Elect

Among those who are eligible, those who receive the most nominations will appear on the ballot as follows:

  • President-Elect and for Secretary-Treasurer-Elect: The three persons who receive the greatest number of nominations
  • For At-Large Executive Council: The six persons who received the greatest number of nominations

Please confirm with those you plan to nominate that they are willing to be nominated and encourage your nominee(s) to acquire as many nominations as possible to increase their likelihood of making it onto the election ballot.

 Per the Bylaws and Operating Rules of the Society: 

  • Individual members of the Society are entitled to express support of candidates, including themselves, through direct contact, telephone, letter, or other means of personal communication.
  • Use of Society resources, such as Community forums, is not permitted, in order to keep a level playing field.
  • If a member holding any Society office engages in personal advocacy for nominations or elections, that person should be careful to emphasize that their recommendations are made as an individual member and should ensure that campaign activities are not paid for with Society funds.
  • Associate, Affiliate, Early-Career Professional, and Student Affiliate members of the Society are not eligible for office. 

 Your participation is vital to the Society—please nominate and vote!