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Educational Resources

Standards Related to Human Factors/Ergonomics

The goal of this standards page is to provide links to standards for use in application or teaching in the human factors/ergonomics area. See the educational resources review criteria page.

If you have any suggestions for content or information to add to this page, please contact HFES.

Where to Find Standards and Related Papers or Presentations

The main standards bodies appear to be the following:

The following groups have links to standards or presentations related to standards. CEN does not sell standards but can direct individuals to the appropriate outlet using the online catalogue. Also, there are presentations on various topics listed on CEN's search page that one can download at no apparent cost.

There is one group out there also attempting to organize what standards exist:

Please help us to grow this directory of human factors standards and guides by letting us know if there is a resource to add to the list.

Below are links to specific standards related to accessibility.

Below are ISO IT Ergonomics Standards related to hardware for usability, GUI, etc. (family of 9241 standards).

    ISO 9241-3 Ergonomics requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs) - Part 3: Visual display requirements
  • ISO 9241-7 Ergonomics requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs) - Part 7: Display requirements with reflections
  • ISO 9241-8 Ergonomics requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs) - Part 8: Requirements for displayed colours
  • ISO 13406-2 Ergonomic requirements for work with visual displays based on flat panels - Part 2: Ergonomic requirements for flat panel displays
  • ISO 9241-4 Ergonomics requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs) - Part 4: Keyboard requirements (sections that are applicable to portable keyboard only)
  • ISO 9995 Parts 1-8 Information technology - Keyboard layouts for text and office systems.
  • ISO 9241-9 Ergonomics requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs) - Part 9: Requirements for non-keyboard input devices

Access to Standards, Papers, and Presentations

Except for some presentations listed on CEN and the information on HFES (links listed above) all papers, presentations, and standards appear to have a fee associated with them.

Because standards can be extremely specific, it is not possible to list all standards. Individuals are encouraged to search the Web sites of organizations listed above to find standards relevant to a specific issue.

Below are examples of standards and related papers, presentations, or training opportunities found when seeking standards on the main areas of interest to HF/E members identified from our earlier needs survey administered in 2003. The following examples do not comprise an exhaustive list, but rather give examples of the types of documents available from the various organizations. If one of the standards organizations is not listed, then no appropriate examples were found. Finally, a general search on the Web resulted in several standards sources. These links are listed under the appropriate content areas and identified as a WWW source.

The final entry in this table is a list of general sources found with a search on the WWW.

Content Areas
ASTM Expert Systems for Classification and Identification of Waterborne Petroleum Oils (Siddiqui, Lidberg, Eastwood, & Gibson, 1991), ASTM Digital Library.

Wear Scar Prediction Based on Wear Simulator Input Data (Ocozco, Schwenke, & Wimmer, 2006), Journal of ASTM International (JAI).

SAE Analysis of Drivers' Behaviors in Car Following Based on a Performance Index... (Wada, Doi, Imai, Tsuru, Isaji, Kaneko, [2007, April]). Paper presented at SAE World Congress & Exhibition, Detroit, MI.

Designing User Interfaces for the Cockpit... (Sherry, Feary, & Polson [2002, November]). Paper presented at World Aviation Congress & Display, Phoenix, AZ.

CEN AnnexE Report (325 KB)

CEN/CENELEC Guide 6 - Edition 1 of 2002

Displays, GUI, and Signage
ANSI Standards Survey Results

Issues With Emergency Communications and Persons With Disabilities (J. House)

Accessability Tools-Gaps

Consumer Empowerment Use Case

ASTM ASTM E1455-03 - Standard Practice of Obtaining Colormetric Data...

ASTM F1166-07 - Standard Practice for Human Engineering Design for Marine Systems...

Additional resources

Subcommittee activities

Real-Time Interferogram Simulation (Geary, Holmes, & Zeringue, 1978). ASTM Digital Library.

A Software Framework for Probabilistic Fatigue Life Assessment of Gas Turbine Engine Rotors (McClung, Enright, Millwater, Leverant, & Hudak Jr., 2004). International Journal of ASTM International (JAI).

WK611 - New Specification for Signage Guidelines for Sports Facilities

WK13169 - Revision of Standard Specification for Fitness Equipment and Fitness Facility Safety...

Additional resources

Enhancing Product Safety in the Fitness Equipment Industry (Voris, 2004). Standardization News.

ISO ISO/TS 14907-2:2006 - Road transport and traffic telematics...

ISO 3767-1:1998 - Tractors, machinery for agriculture and forestry...

OSHA OSHA's exit sign requirements for disabled persons

OSHA Strategic Partnerships Program

SAE An Efficient Visual Forward Collision Warning Display for Vehicles (Lind [2007, April]). Paper presented at SAE World Congress & Exhibition, Detroit, MI.

The Vehicle Handling Model: A Symbolically Generated Vehicle Simulation Program... (Mousseau & Strumolo [2007, April]). SAE Technical Papers.

CEN Microsoft Word DDWG.doc (ddwg1.pdf)

The Tripartite Sustainable Construction Working Group (Goodall [2007, March]). Paper presented at CEN Conference: Construction and Environment, Brussels, Belgium. (303 KB)

WWW Standards and Guidelines for User Interface Design
Decision Making
ASTM The application of signal detection theory to decision making in forensic science (Phillips, Saks, & Peterson). Journal of Forensic Sciences, March 2001.

Additional resources from forensics pages

E2348-06 Standard Guide for Framework for a Consensus-Based Environmental Decision-Making Process

SAE 971185: Lca as Decision Making Support in the Automotive R&D (Saur, Eyerer, & Hesselbach). SAE Technical Paper.

2007-01-1479: A Multi-Criteria Decision Making Model for the Design of Machine Structures (Sreeram & Katti [2007, April]). Paper presented at SAE World Congress & Exhibition, Detroit, MI.

Expert Systems
ASTM Expert systems in forensic science (Kingston). Journal of Forensic Sciences, November 1990.

Hypertext and Expert Systems in Fatigue Assessment and Advice (McMahon, Banerjee, Williams, & Devlukia [1994, January]). ASTM Digital Library.

Expert Systems and Materials Property Databases (Anderson [1992, January]). ASTM Digital Library.

Additional resources in expert systems

ISO ISO/IEC 2382-28:1995 - Information technology - Vocabulary -Artificial intelligence--Basic concepts and expert systems
SAE Real-time Diagnosis System Development of Common Rail Diesel Based on Expert System (Song, Yang, Ouyang, Hu, & Hang [2005, April]). Paper presented at SAE 2005 World Congress & Exhibition, Detroit, MI.
Knowledge Engineering
ISO ISO/IEC TR 19759:2005 - Software Engineering: Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge
Artificial Intelligence
ISO ISO/IEC 2382-28:1995 - Information technology - Vocabulary -Artificial intelligence--Basic concepts and expert systems

ISO/IEC 2383-29:1999 - Information technology - Vocabulary - Artificial intelligence--Speech recognition and synthesis

ISO/IEC 2382-31:1997 - Information technology - Vocabulary - Artificial intelligence--Machine learning

ANSI Information technology - AT Attachment with Packet Interface-7

ISO/IEC Conference Registration Form 07

Identified needs

ISO ISO/TS 16071:2003 - Ergonomics of human-system interaction...
OSHA 1910.120 App E - Training Curriculum Guidelines

1926.65 App E - Training Curriculum Guidelines

Ergonomics Program - 64:65768-66078

SAE Modeling Personality Traits for Digital Humans (Conradi & Alexander [2007, June]). Paper presented at 2007 Digital Human Modeling Conference, Seattle, WA.
WWW Human Factors Standards, Specifications, and Guidelines

Standards and Guidelines (Beta Research, Inc.)

Standards & Guidelines for User Interface Design, Human Factors, & Ergonomics

Visual Performance
ANSI PCS 1900 MHz IS-136 Based Mobile Station Minimum Performance Standard (Ericsson, Inc.)

05 - FCC Activities Supporting HS and Emergency Communications (G. Cooke)

OSHA Standards

SC 86B HOD Report--October 1986 (M. Johnson)

Issues With Emergency Communications and Persons With Disabilities (J. House)

ISO ISO/DIS 16001 - Earth-moving machinery: Hazard detection systems and visual aids
SAE Evaluating Visual Performance of Different CCT White LEDs Under Mesopic Vision (Tu, Li, & Zhou [2006, April]). Paper presented at SAE 2006 World Congress & Exhibition, Detroit, MI.

The Effect of Glare on Visual Performance Under Reduced Headlamp Illumination (Akashi, Van Derlofske, Bullough, & Chen [2005, April]). Paper presented at SAE 2005 World Congress & Exhibition, Detroit, MI.

Situation Awareness
SAE Enhanced Situational Awareness for Robotic and EVA Operations (Sager, Curtis, & Hedgecock [2007, July]). Paper presented at International Conference on Environmental Systems, Chicago, IL.

Human Interface Criteria for Vertical Situation Awareness Displays. SAE Technical Paper (July 2001).

ASTM ASTM International - Standards Worldwide

Officer Training Modules

Training for Law Enforcement Personnel (Webster, 1979). Journal of Forensic Sciences

Fault Classification of Water Hydraulic System by Vibration Analyis... (Chen, Chua, & Lim). Journal of Testing and Evaluation, April 2007.

ANSI Education and Training Brochure (A. Lu)

Role of Standards in the Globalization of Higher Education (ANSI)

Privacy Framework Spreadsheet

Preview Instructor-Led Training USNC Training Course (C. Zegers)

ISO ISO 7130:1981 - Earth-moving machinery--Guide to procedure for operator training
OSHA OSHA Training Institute

Office of Training and Education--Training Resources

Outreach Training Aids

Outreach Training Program

SAE Free Downloadable Demos--CD-ROM Training Products & Engineering Software Tools

SAE Automotive CAD Certification

SAE Strategic Alliance: Training

Workplace Design
ASTM F1166-07 Standard Practice for Human Engineering Design...
ANSI Patent Letters: PL177 (IBM)

What's New 2-17-05


OSHA Standards

OSHA Fire Safety
SAE Ergonomics Workplace Using a 3D Man Model (Kaiser, Kuhn, & Anskohl [2003, June]). SAE Technical Paper presented at Digital Human Modeling for Design and Engineering Conference and Exhibition, Montreal, Canada.

Digital Human Modeling for Vehicle and Workplace Design (Chaffin 2001).

Occupational Health/Services
ASTM Standard Terminology

Standard Guide for Basic Elements of Shipboard Occupational Health and Safety Program

ASTM Committee on Protective Clothing (Stull). Standardization News, January 2004.

ANSI Gap Analysis Appendix B--Categories of Health Standards

Privacy Framework Spreadsheet

Standardization and Conformity--European Union

AHIP PHR Data Dictionary--HITSP

OSHA Evaluation of Federal Agency Occupational Safety and Health Programs

Standards for Shipyard Employment

Standards for Cadmium in Shipyard Employment and Construction

SAE An Investigation of the Combined Effects of Stress, Fatigue, and Workload on Human Performance (Mock & Crumpton-Young [2005, July]). Paper presented at International Conference on Environmental Systems, Rome, Italy.
WWW Safety and Health Topics: Ergonomics

State Occupational Safety and Health Programs and Ergonomics

Safety Hazard/Risk Assessment
ASTM Guide for Fire Hazard Assessment of Rail Transportation Vehicles

Standard Consumer Safety Specs for Toy Safety

ANSI Bringing Safer Products to the Consumer (J. McCabe)

National Conformity Assessment Principles (A. Lu)

ISO Image Safety

Guidelines for Child Safety

OSHA Guidelines for Laser Safety

Hazard Communication

Hazard Analysis

SAE Designing Safer Vehicles
Statistical and Other Data Analysis
ASTM Corporate Training and Educational Technology (P. Suett)

Feedback Form--Gap Analysis

ISO International Library Statistics

Vocabulary and Symbols, part 1

Vocabulary and Symbols, part 2

Vocabulary and Symbols, part 3

SAE Functional Data Analysis as a Tool to Find Discomfort Evolution Patterns... (Solaz et al., 2006)
Task Analysis/Cognitive Task Analysis
ASTM Task Analysis of Professional Hockey Players (Montgomery, Nobes, Pearsall, & Turcotte, 2004).

Analysis of Several Fatigue Crack Growth Rate (Miller & Gallagher, 1981)

ANSI Corporate Training and Education Technology Standards (P. Suett)
SAE Salt Spray Testing and Evaluation of Fastener Finishes

Torque-Tension Testing and Evaluation of Fastener Finishes

Test and Evaluation Methods
ANSI Interoperability Test Specs
OSHA Ergonomics Program

Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

Ergonomics Program Management Guidelines

Usability Analysis/Engineering/Testing
ASTM Evaluating the Usability of the Human-Robot Interface

Determining the Superplastic Properties of Metallic Sheet Mat

Assessing the Usability of Historical Water-Quality Data

ISO Ergonomics requirements for office work...

Ergonomics of human-system interaction

SAE A User-Based Qualitative Usability Assesment

Adaptive In-Vehicle Information Systems

Designing User Interfaces for the Cockpit

Workload Measurement
ASTM Standards Worldwide
ANSI Multimedia Communications Delay...

Digital Transport of One-Way Video Signals

ISO Ergonomics Principles Related to Mental Workload, part 2

Ergonomics Principles Related to Mental Workload, part 3

WWW Human Factors Standards

Ergoweb Ergonomics Standards

California Code of Regulations

OSHA's Final Ergonomics Standard

Spine Universe

Other resources will be added periodically.