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Webinar Series

A benefit of HFES membership is a monthly Webinar series. HFES Webinars aim to provide continuing education to members on a variety of topics and domains, with the convenience of virtual participation. Webinar presenters are selected from among past HFES award winners, recent authors in HFES publications, high-profile members, and those conducting research or practice in key topical areas. Members do not have to pay an additional charge to participate.

Before attending a webinar, please read the Webinars FAQ.

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If you're not yet a member but would like to join to take advantage of these Webinars and the many other benefits of HFES membership, please go to the Membership page.

If you are an HFES member, all webinar recordings and handouts will be available at within five business days of the presentation at Log in with your member username and password and select "Download webinar recordings."


Upcoming Webinars

Previous Webinars


Wednesday, April 19
Trust in Automation: Lessons Learned From Auto-GCAS
Joseph B. Lyons, Air Force Research Lab

Wednesday, April 19
How Can Human Factors/Ergonomics Take on the NAE Grand Challenges?
Nancy J. Cooke, HFES President

Wednesday, March 29
Putting Humans Into Control: The Dynamics of Experience
John M. Flach, Wright State University


Wednesday, April 20
Maintaining Agility in the Human Factors/Ergonomics Job Marketplace
J. Christopher Brill, Old Dominion University
Christopher A. Monk, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Justin F. Morgan, Forensic Engineering Technologies
Haydee M. Cuevas, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Tuesday, October 6
Thriving at the HFES Annual Meeting – Advice From the Experts
J. Christopher Brill, Old Dominion University
Sandra K. Garrett, Consultant

Monday, June 15
Considerations for Validity in Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research
Joseph Keebler, Wichita State University

Tuesday, March 10
Introduction to Qualitative Methods for Human Factors Analyses
Wayne Zachary, CHI Systems Inc. and Starship Health Technologies, LLC


Friday, December 5
The Butterfly Legacy: How Badly Designed Voting Systems Threaten Election Integrity
Mike Byrne, Rice University

Tuesday, September 2
The Human Factor: A Problem to Control or a Resource to Harness?
Sidney Dekker, Griffith University

Friday, July 11
Matching Design and Analysis
Joseph Keebler, Wichita State University

Tuesday, June 17
Human Factors Engineering in the Development of a Novel Epinephrine Auto-Injector
Evan Edwards, Vice President of Product Development, kaléo, Inc.

Monday, April 28
HFES Accreditation Requirements, Guidelines, and Process
Barbara Chaparro, HFES Accreditation Committee Chair
Pat DeLucia, past HFES Accreditation Committee Chair

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