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National Ergonomics Month



NEM Honor Roll & Community Outreach

The following honor rolls recognize those NEM volunteers whom have made noteworthy contributions of their time and energy to spread the word about Human Factors/Ergonomics. Either through classroom visits or media, they have introduced our field to receptive audiences that might not otherwise have such an opportunity. We commend the following individuals for their commitment to NEM!

NEM Honor Roll

School Outreach
Here is a list of people who have reached 222 students since the inception of NEM in October 2002.

  • Kenneth Allendoerfer
  • Anthony Andre
  • Jane Barrow
  • Deborah A. Boehm-Davis
  • Julie Burdelak-Naga
  • Ernesto Bustamante
  • David Cades
  • Ellen Carpenter
  • Peter Hancock
  • Alan Hedge
  • Matthew Pitone
  • Wendy Rogers
  • Ron Shapiro
  • Brian Smith
  • Carl Smith
  • Sarah Henrickson
  • Raegan Hoeft
  • Don Horvath
  • David Kidd
  • Jennifer Kremer
  • Julie A. McMath
  • Farilee Mintz
  • Jennifer Moore
  • Vicki Neale
  • Kenneth Nemire
  • Yi-Fang Tsai
  • Alison Vredenburgh
  • Sara Waxberg
  • Jason Wong
  • Tanya Yuditsky

Community Outreach
Here is a list of people who have reached 2,222 adults since the inception of NEM in October 2002.

  • Anthony Andre
  • Karlene Ball
  • Ernesto Bustamante
  • Peter Hancock
  • Betty M. Sanders
  • Ron Shapiro
  • Alan Hedge
  • Fayona Meyerovitz
  • Wendy Rogers
  • Brian Smith

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