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2017 Annual Meeting



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Multimedia Supplements for the 2017 Annual Meeting Proceedings

The Technical Program Committee invites authors with accepted Annual Meeting proposals to contribute supplemental multimedia content for possible inclusion in the HFES 2017 Annual Meeting Proceedings. The goal of the supplemental content is to provide additional forms of information that are not feasible to present in a proceedings paper.


Examples of such content include sound clips of auditory masking stimuli, three-dimensional CAD drawings of product designs, complex data results with axis rotation animations, and interactive walkthroughs of dynamic Web pages.

Supplements are intended to support multimedia content, such as interactive demonstration, practice, or research materials. Do not submit additional document text or lecture-style PowerPoint text presentations. For each accepted proposal, the author may upload only one file of up to 50 MB. Content should be available in a cross-platform, readily available file format (e.g., PDF) to maximize availability to potential readers (e.g., specialized software or single-platform applications are acceptable).


The deadline for uploading supplementary materials is JULY 6, 2017.

Supplemental materials will not be considered unless a final proceedings paper has been uploaded by the June 26 deadline. (See the proceedings paper preparation guidelines.)


The supplementary content must be the author's own work, and HFES requires a transfer of copyright, unless the author is employed by the U.S. government or another government (see the copyright form). Questions may be directed to HFES Communications Director Lois Smith (310/394-1811).

Supplements that contain material reprinted from another source must be accompanied by written authorization from the rightsholder for its reuse. This should be mailed or faxed with the signed Copyright Transfer Form.


Create a file folder that is labeled with your last name and the submission ID number of your accepted proceedings paper. Then include the following documents in that file folder.

  1. Cover letter in a separate file to be uploaded to the ftp site, including the following information:
    • author's full name and mailing address, phone, fax, and e-mail
    • software application required to view the file
    • file size (50 MB maximum)
  2. Signed Copyright Transfer Form
  3. Written authorization to reuse material copyrighted by others
  4. Copy of the proceedings paper with clear indications in the text where links should be placed for readers to click to view the supplemental file.


An ftp site has been made available for the uploading of your file containing the above materials:

Again, supplements will not be considered unless the author has provided, by the June 26 deadline, a proceedings paper and a signed copyright form for the paper. NOTE: DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR PROCEEDINGS PAPER TO THE FTP SITE. Instead, follow the Final Paper Preparation Guide for the HFES 2017 Annual Meeting Proceedings.


Supplemental multimedia submissions will be reviewed by the TPC in the order they are received and evaluated on the basis of content, presentation, and usability Decision letters will be sent in July.

Thank you, and we look forward to receiving your supplementary materials.

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