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HFES Bulletin

May 2011
Volume 54, Number 5

Inside HFES

GMU Arch Lab Wins HFES Video Contest

HFES is pleased to announce that the ?What Is Human Factors/Ergonomics?? YouTube Video Contest first-place winner is the George Mason University Arch Lab. The competition, designed by President Anthony D. Andre and Outreach Division Chair Deborah A. Boehm-Davis, aims to develop the most informative and entertaining examples of the HF/E profession and its impact in order to increase awareness of the discipline among the general public. The entries were judged on their content, creativity, execution, and effect.

?What Is Human Factors?? by the George Mason team blends a creative and educational rap song with interesting visuals to explain some key HF/E practices and principles to lay audiences. The team will be awarded a $1,000 cash prize.

The video will serve as a promotional tool for future HFES outreach efforts, particularly as a resource for educators and students in high school and undergraduate and graduate programs, to generate interest and excitement about the human factors/ergonomics discipline.

Says Ewart de Visser, who produced the video, ?We, as human factors professionals, have a problem marketing ourselves. Few people know about human factors, but when you tell them, they are very interested and can see how it is relevant to their daily lives. Visual media can bring this topic of great relevance to the masses.?

The $500 second-place prize winner, ?Human Factors: As Seen on TV,? went to the San Jose State University Student Chapter. Two videos tied for the $500 third-place prize: ?Fact! You Need Human Factors,? by the University of Central Florida Student Chapter, and ?Microwave Racing,? by a team from University College London.

Follow the YouTube links below to view all the winning videos.

First Prize
?What Is Human Factors?? by George Mason University Arch Lab

Second Prize
?Human Factors: As Seen on TV? by the SJSU Student Chapter

Third Prize
?Fact! You Need Human Factors? by the UCF Student Chapter
?Microwave Racing? by University College London

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who submitted a video for the contest, including the University of Texas, El Paso, and Wichita State University Student Chapters.

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