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HFES Bulletin

June 2014
Volume 57, Number 6


ISO/TC 159 Standards Update for June

By Daryle Gardner-Bonneau, Chair, U.S. TAG to ISO/TC159

Except for newly published standards, titles of standards are abbreviated in this listing, but you can obtain the complete title for any standard by visiting the HFES Standards Web page and then clicking on the Subcommittee (SC) Technical Advisory Group (TAG) that is involved with the standard in which you're interested. Clicking that link will display a graphic of the SC's structure and a listing of all the projects and standards of that subcommittee. You can also purchase standards and search full titles and abstracts by going to the ANSI Store or the ISO Store and searching by the document's number (e.g., ISO 24504). The contacts whose e-mail addresses are provided below (i.e., Daryle Gardner-Bonneau, Robert Fox, and James Williams) welcome your inquiries and your participation in these activities.

The listings use the following ISO abbreviations:

  • TC = Technical Committee
  • SC = Subcommittee
  • WG = Working Group
  • CD = Committee Draft
  • DIS = Draft International Standard
  • FDIS = Final Draft International Standard
  • TR = Technical Report
  • NWIP = New Work Item Proposal
  • PAS = Publically Available Specification

Newly Published Standards
ISO TR 12295 – Ergonomics – Application document for International Standards on manual handling (ISO 11228-1, ISO 11228-2, and ISO 11228-3) and evaluation of static working postures (ISO 11226).

New Projects
SC1 – Revision of ISO 10075-1 – mental workload. Contact:

SC3 – development of ISO 7250-3 – worldwide human body measurement design values. Contact:

SC4 – ISO 9241-332 – autostereoscopic displays. Contact:

Draft Documents Released for Comment and Vote
SC4 – ISO 9241-940 – tactile and haptic interactions; due 6/7/14. Contact:

SC4 – ISO DIS 9241-161 – user interface elements; due 8/22/14. Contact:

SC4 and SC5 – ISO DIS 24505 – method of color combination taking into account age-related changes in color vision; due 10/7/14. Contact: or

Upcoming Meetings

Standard/Group Date Location/Description Contact
TC159/SC4/WG2 June 8–9 San Diego &ndash working on two new projects on stereoscopic displays, a PAS on E-paper displays, and a TR on unwanted reflections from active/interactive displays surfaces
TC159/SC4/WG28 June
Heraklion, Greece – to resolve comments on ISO/IEC 25066 (usability evaluation reports)
TC159/WG2 June 23 (web meeting) Discuss revision of TR 22411 (ergonomic data for use in designing for accessibility) and potential new work item – guidance on accessibility for older adults and special populations
SC3 plenary July 7–9 Berlin, Germany
SC3 WG1 and WG4 joint meeting July 7–9 Berlin, Germany – discuss current projects and potential new work items
TC159/SC4/WG9 July 14–16 Dresden, Germany – resolve comments on ISO 9241-940 (evaluation of tactile/haptic interactions) and work on ISO 9241-960 (gestures in tactile/haptic interactions)
U.S. TAG to ISO/TC159/SC3 – Annual Meeting July 23–24 Yellow Springs, OH – review of SC3 projects, new ANSI regulations concerning TAGs, and standards work within HFES
TC159/SC4/WG28 October (date to be determined) Gaithersburg, MD – continuing work on the Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQUARE) standards series
TC159/SC4/WG5 October 8–10 Venice, Italy – to resolve comments on ISO 9241-161 (user interface elements) and work on development of ISO 9241-112 (general guidance on presentation of information) and ISO 9241-125 (visual presentation of information)

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