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HFES Bulletin

June 2014
Volume 57, Number 6

Inside HFES

Clarification: GfK Event at the 2014 HFES Health-Care Symposium

By Korey Johnson, Vice President, UX, GfK

In the May issue, we highlighted an interactive and educational event hosted by GfK entitled "Deadly Serious, Lively Fun...." One of the activities enjoyed by the 200+ attendees was called "Stab-a-friend," during which attendees had to find a dummy's EpiPen in her backpack (while our researcher was creating a stressful environment) in less than 30 seconds and inject her before she "died." GfK would like to remind our readers that the titles of this (and other) activities were intended to be fun and engaging, and that rapidly "stabbing" someone experiencing an anaphylactic reaction with an EpiPen or inflicting multiple "stab wounds" with an EpiPen should not have been the takeaway message.

Each of the activities demonstrated a lesson to be learned in medical device safety and use. For an injection of epinephrine, as for many other injections, one clear message was that it is important to hold the injection device in place for the requisite amount of time in accordance with the device's instructions for use, despite the stressors that will likely accompany an injection event. By demonstration, we hoped to dispel common misconceptions regarding injection devices.

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