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HFES Bulletin

January 2010
Volume 53, Number 1

Annual Meeting

Calls for Proposals

2010 Annual Meeting

     The following are detailed calls for proposals for workshops and a selection of HFES Technical Groups.

2010 Workshop Proposals Invited

By Michelle L. Rogers, Workshops Chair

     Does this description fit you?

  • Can prepare and deliver a combination of educational lecture and active, hands-on exercises to promote skill building of a tool, technique, or method.
  • Have knowledge that can be shared that covers technical skills such as advanced statistical techniques (e.g., causal modeling), methodologies (e.g., accident investigation techniques, design of dynamic measuring instruments, experimental design), or other professional skills (e.g., how to write procedures based on HF/E guidelines, types of corporate-feasible usability testing, Web style-sheet design).
  • Have an interest in sharing knowledge with individuals new to the HF/E profession, people who are experienced in one area of the field but wish to learn new skills in others, or those who wish to enhance their skills in their area of specialization.

If you have any or all of these qualities, consider submitting a proposal for a workshop for the 54th HFES Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Workshops may be 3 or 6 hours long and have one or more presenters, as needed. All workshops will take place on Monday, September 27, 2010. The deadline for submitting proposals for the Annual Meeting is February 19. Feel free to contact me at I look forward to receiving your submission.

Education and Training Committee Invites 2010 Workshop Proposals

By Nancy J. Stone, Education and Training Committee Chair

     The Education and Training Committee's cosponsorship of two workshops at the 2009 HFES Annual Meeting in San Antonio provided high-quality training opportunities that addressed education and training needs identified by HFES members. The two cosponsored workshops were "Case Studies in Cognitive Systems Engineering" and "Communication Analysis for Assessing Collaboration."

     This year's call for workshop proposals focuses on the needed content and skills areas identified in the 2009 Member Education and Training Needs Survey. Some of the top content areas identified as needing training and education efforts include human performance modeling, display design and graphical user interface design/signage, human-computer interaction, decision making, cognition, situation awareness, stress/fatigue/sleep, safety, perception and performance, consumer product design, training, individual differences, computer software and Internet applications, and augmented cognition.

     Skill areas identified as needing education and training efforts include statistics and data analysis, simulation methods and tools, task analysis/cognitive task analysis, usability analysis/engineering/testing, application of HF/E guidelines and principles, nonquantitative methods, modeling, survey construction, experimental methods, and workload measurement.

     Workshop proposals that address these primary education and training needs are highly desired and solicited. Such proposals are subject to the normal technical review process, but presenters of workshops cosponsored by the E&T Committee are paid an additional honorarium.

     The deadline for submitting proposals for this year's Annual Meeting in San Francisco is February 19. We encourage you to submit your proposal. Be sure to indicate that you wish to have the E&T Committee evaluate it for potential cosponsorship.

Internet Technical Group Seeks Proposals

By Marc Resnick, ITG Program Chair

     The Internet Technical Group is looking for exciting proposals for its program at the 54th HFES Annual Meeting. The meeting is in San Francisco this year, so this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase exceptional Internet HF/E work to practitioners who may not usually attend HFES meetings. In particular, we are looking for innovative session proposals - perhaps using alternative formats such as demonstrations, debates, case studies, or panels - that we can use to market the conference to practitioners in the San Francisco Bay area.

     Specific topics of interest include health care informatics, mobile UX, Internet-based usability-testing methods, and social networking. But don't limit yourself to these topics - any high-quality proposals will be considered.

     If you have any questions, please contact me at And don't forget, the deadline for submissions is February 19. Details on how to submit your proposal are available on the Call for Proposals page of the HFES Web site. Only complete and on-time proposals will be considered for review.

Macroergonomics TG Welcomes Submissions

By Valerie J. Rice & Petra E. Alfred, METG Program Cochairs

     It's time to prepare your submissions for the 54th HFES Annual Meeting in San Francisco! The Macroergonomics Technical Group is seeking proposals for its technical program. Have you done any work improving productivity or quality of work, integrating psychosocial, cultural, and technical factors? Have you improved human performance using a systems approach in any special settings, such as education, medicine, industry, or the military? Submit your proposals showing the work you've done using a macroergonomic approach to improve leadership, communications, corporate culture, management, teamwork, or occupational stress, or surprise us with a totally new application. What worked? What did not?

     Sometimes the only way to make lasting change is at the macro-, rather than micro-, level. Share your story on how attention to macroergonomics influences human performance so that others may learn from your work. For additional information, contact us at or

Systems Development TG Submissions and Reviewers Invited

By Pam Savage-Knepshield, SDTG Program Chair

     The Systems Development Technical Group is interested in hearing from you regarding traditional and novel program ideas or suggestions that you have for our sessions during the 54th Annual Meeting in San Francisco. This includes topic ideas and suggested speakers for invited addresses and symposia, as well as thematic groupings of papers and timely topics in specialized domain areas (e.g., medical, military, education, and consumer products).

     The SDTG encourages entries in the demonstration format, which enables presenters to show their innovative designs and interfaces interactively. Also welcomed are submissions that include real-world system development as it relates to (a) differences and similarities across business sectors, (b) advice and lessons learned in making the transition from student to practitioner, (c) requirements elicitation and development, (d) collaboration within multidisciplinary product teams, and (e) the integration of testing during system development. We are also interested in case studies and research findings that are suitable for display as posters.

     If you are available to review submissions, please let us know; we could still use a few more people to keep the workload low. If you would like to discuss your ideas, have any questions, or require any additional information, please contact me at (732) 427-5130, 1, 3501#, or

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