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Human Factors Standardization Interest Group (HFSIG)

   The HFSIG's purpose is to help the HFES Institute by fostering research and an exchange of information on human factors/ergonomics (HF/E) standardization issues and concerns, and to support the development of standards and best practices. This includes assisting in the development, review, and improvement of HF/E standards and best practice documents and identifying knowledge gaps that require further research before standards guidance can be developed and where emerging needs become apparent. Collecting and documenting lessons learned regarding the application of standards (both successes and failures in terms of human performance impacts) is an important purpose of the group. In addition, the HFSIG also seeks to promote interest in, and funding for, HF/E standardization activities in industry, government, and academia. The HFSIG will operate in part by working in close collaboration with the HFES Technical Groups (TGs), and by leveraging HFES systems and processes. View the HFSIG Operating Procedures.

   Standards, in the context of this Interest Group, is a broad term covering the full range of documents and includes standards, specifications, handbooks, guides, recommended practices, and advisory documents. It includes the technical standards defined in the HFES operating rules as any organized activity that is directed toward the development and/or refinement of documents that prescribe recommendations and requirements. It also includes the best practices activities defined in the HFES operating rules as organized activities directed towards summarizing the state-of-the-art in research and practice in the form of recommendations for the application of HF/E principles. Best practices may eventually mature sufficiently to be proposed as standards.

   A listserver has been created for the HFSIG. It provides a forum for exchanging information, posing questions, and seeking the experiences and lessons learned of others. If you would like to be added to the listserver, please send your contact information to Alan Poston at

   The following documents provide information and links that may be useful to those interested in HF/E standardization issues: