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Membership Categories & Dues

Join psychologists, engineers, designers, scientists, usability, and health and safety professionals worldwide who advance the human factors/ergonomics field through their membership in HFES.

All memberships are for the calendar year (January–December).

Individuals from countries on the World Bank's developing countries list are entitled to reduced membership dues.

Quick Reference Guide
Click on the category to read more.

Category Requirements Benefits Regular Dues
Full Member BA plus 5 full-time years' applicable HF/E experience. Application Vote and hold office plus all benefits listed $230
Associate 2 years' full-time HF/E experience. Application All benefits listed $230
Affiliate Any person interested in human factors/ergonomics Application All benefits listed $230
Student Affiliate Enrolled full-time in college or university. Requires faculty endorser. Application All benefits listed $35
Transitional Associate First 2 years following graduation and Student Affiliate membership. Available only to graduating Student Affiliate members. All benefits listed $115
Emeritus 10+ continuous years of membership; age 60+ or disabled; not deriving significant income from practice of HF/E; contact HFES. Vote and hold office. Online publications, event discounts $70 (one-time fee)

Regular Membership Categories

Full Member: Any person who has a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university and five full-time years of applicable experience in human factors work shall be eligible to become a Full Member of the Society. Appropriate academic degrees beyond the bachelor's degree may be substituted in part for work experience up to a total of four years. Interpretation of applicable academic degrees and work experience shall be made by the Membership Admissions Committee. For exceptional applicants, the requirement for a bachelor's degree may be waived by a three-fourths vote of the full Executive Council. Go to Application.

Associate Member: Any person who has two years of full-time, relevant experience in the human factors/ergonomics field and is active in the human factors/ergonomics field shall be eligible to become an Associate of the Society. Go to Application.

Affiliate Member: Any person who is interested in the human factors field, but who does not qualify for Full Member or Associate status, shall be eligible to become an Affiliate of the Society. Affiliate Members may serve on appointed committees and are entitled to publications and discounts but may not vote, hold office, or represent themselves as full Members of the Society. Go to Application.

Student Member Category

Student Affiliate Member: Any person who is enrolled as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited college or university shall be eligible to become a Student Affiliate of the Society. Student Affiliate membership requires an endorser: a faculty member from the student's institution. Go to Application.

Early-Career Category for Student Members

Transitional Associate Member: HFES offers reduced Regular membership dues for Student Affiliate Members who have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree. The special rate applies for two years following graduation. Only Student Affiliate Members in good standing are eligible; there is no application for Transitional Associate Membership.

Special Membership Categories

Contributing Member: ($345) Members who wish to support HFES by voluntarily increasing their Regular dues payment by 50% are designated as Contributing Affiliates, Associates, or Full Members (depending on the Regular membership category).

Supporting Member: ($460) Members who wish to support HFES by voluntarily increasing their Regular dues payment by 100% are designated as Supporting Affiliates, Associates, or Full Members (depending on the Regular membership category).

Sustaining Member: (Silver: $900 | Platinum: $2,500 | Diamond: $5,000) Any person, corporation, or organization that contributes to the Society an amount prescribed by the Executive Council shall be eligible to become a Sustaining Member of the Society. Corporate sustaining membership is available to companies interested in supporting the profession and the Society. Go to the Sustaining Membership Page.

Emeritus Member: ($70) Those who have been Full Members and Fellows in the Society for at least the preceding 10 years, who are over 60 (or under 60 and disabled), and who no longer derive their principal income from the practice of human factors are invited to apply for Emeritus Membership. For a one-time payment, Emeritus Members continue to have online access to all the publications that are benefits of membership, vote, hold office, and receive substantial discounts on Annual Meeting registration fees and other HFES periodicals.

Organizational Membership: Companies, institutions, government agencies, or other types of private and public entities may request an invoice to cover any number of individual memberships under the umbrella of their organization. Payment for individual membership(s) under this plan does not brand the organization as a member of the Society.

For additional information on sustaining, Emeritus, and organizational memberships and their benefits, please contact the HFES Director of Member Services at HFES Headquarters.

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