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Educational Resources

Online Educational Materials on Specific Topics

Human factors/ergonomics (HF/E) is a multidisciplinary field that comprises aspects of several areas of practice and research. The scope of disciplines involved is extensive, including industrial engineering, cognitive psychology, anatomy and physiology, and statistics, to name just a few.

In the practice of HF/E, the applications are just as diverse, and human factors specialists frequently need new resources and knowledge to add to their tool belt. There are ample resources for this additional information via textbooks, journals, conferences, short courses, and the Internet.

The following list was put together as a brief compilation of some of the readily accessible HF/E materials available online, categorized by topic. The topics were selected because they represent areas that HFES members identified as a need in the Education and Training Committee's 2003 membership needs survey.

Note that there are many more resources online, and this is by no means a comprehensive list! General use of online search engines can readily reveal additional specific topics with detailed information based on practitioners' immediate needs. This list does not include offerings from commercial entities. See the educational resources review criteria page.

Please contact HFES if you would like to suggest additions to this list.

HF/E Standards, Guidelines, and Principles

The HFES Web site has several links to standards.
The Department of Defense Human Factors Engineering technical advisory group has published a collection of handbooks, guides, and standards.


Wikipedia also has a good page on usability, including links to other resources, associations, and references.
Another good resource is the STC site on usability, which includes a wide range of related topics.

Human-Computer Interaction

Multiple sites exist; here are a few:
Linköpings Universitet


Elsevier Journals

Sensation and Perception

Indiana University East
Hanover College Psychology Department
University of Western Ontario, Canada

Display and User Interface Design

Wikipedia (Interface design)

Environmental Design and Evaluation

The HFES Environmental Design Technical Group has a collection of resources at its primary Web portal.

Workplace Design

NIOSH has many documents pertinent to workplace design on their ergonomics page.
HFES 100

Task Analysis

Several sites have good information on this, including:
Federal Aviation Administration

Survey Construction

The Laboratory for Automation Psychology and Decision Processes at the University of Maryland has a project called the Online Survey Design Guide, which provides a good resource for survey construction and analysis.

Statistical Methods

Wikipedia has an excellent page on statistics, with information links to many additional resources by topic category.
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